How2 Make a Quilt Enclosed String or Blouse Bow

A Quick Tutorial on making an Enclosed string to "gift" wrap a Quilt or Make and add it as a Blouse Bow.

A quick photo of a cute string used to tie up a Baby Quilt for a Gift - I used my special stitches to put little cars along the string.  Read below how to make this with all the edged enclosed

First, must say we all Love cotton and not only for quilting, but Clothing!  So far, I've made 2 pair of Capri pants, a pair of long pants, a Blouse in batiste cotton and a swingy panel skirt.  Tonight I'm having a go at white Camisole's, but I promised I will show you a quick way to make a Cute Bow to wrap a Quilt, or add a cute Bow to any Blouse.

Here's one of my comfortable cotton outfits.

Soft batiste cotton for the top and *gasp* I used my favorite print Quilting cotton for my skirt!

So under the Tab "Quilts" you can see the cute Bow I made and tied it around a very special quilt.  This time I remembered to take photo's as I made a Bow for my Blouse (almost the exact same technique!) and enjoy this easy way for both.

If I'm making a string for a Quilt -- Cut 2 1/2" x WOF (width of fabric).  To the ironing board and fold in half with  right sides of fabric out.  Iron the fold..

Next open this up and  take each side and fold TO the center fold and iron.  (See photo's below)

Then fold all this back up you'll have a nice length to Top Stitch and add a decorative stitch to.  Add another section as your quilt gets larger than Lap Size.

The same idea in making strings to Gift Wrap Quilts can be applied to add a bow to a Blouse.  This time I remembered to take photo's to help!

For the Blouse you don't need the WOF (44-45") so I cut mine Blouse Bow 2"x27".

Iron the center together, right sides out.  Open back up and iron both sides TO the 1st center fold.  Now you'll see all the fold lines below.

Now for the ends -- For a Quilt or Blouse, I don't want boring square ends :-)

Now that all the "folds" are ironed, you can SEE where to fold in the tips on each side to the center fold for a triangle shape.

Put Quilting pins in to press this shape down.

Now Fold everything back into the tidy shape and press again!

Edge Stitch close to the fold lines.  I like to start at the tips edge and make a Fix stitch - Set the first stitch and sew slow to get close and as straight as you can.

For the Quilt string, this is where you get to choose the stitch to sewn down this cool string to jazz up your Tie.  Hearts, Cars whatever Fancy Stitch you normally forget your machine makes.  Some older model sewing machines have a few decorative stitches, and Quilters or clothing sewer forget to use them.   *holding up hand* like me!  

To finish the Blouse bow, cut a 2" x 2" square from the blouse fabric and fold in edges.  Iron to make a Square Box shape like below.  Don't stitch this yet!

Next take your string and make a loopy bow and set it down where you can work with it.  I love the ironing board for this, because I can stick pins  into the top and my small fabrics stay.

Take the 2"x2" square and fold it over the Front of your bow.  Pin it so the fold meets at the back of the bow.  Stitch around the square to hold your cute bow loops in place.  See how cute that is now! 

If you want the Bow to be on your Blouse permanently - sew the square then sew through the center onto your Blouse.   Because I want my Bow to be removable I sewed across the center in the photo below.

All done and ready to add to the Blouse.  See how nice the ends come out, and they are easier to sew across then folding them into a plain square end!

So to keep this Blouse "casual" I leave off the bow.  When I want to add it to a Blouse, put a small safety pin through the back "square" and add it on.

Without Bow


 With Bow

Enjoy and I hope this gives you all Many ideas for adding Gift Wrap Strings to quilts, or just add a bow to your next Blouse

-- This Blouse's pattern was reviewed on PatternReview.com and runs 1 size too Big!  By the pattern measurements, I normally would have cut a Large and been disappointed.  Thaniks to other reviews, I cut a Medium and it fits me very well.  This is a really good pattern as it also has the pattern for Sleeveless, and 3/4 sleeves, all which I'll make.



Time to make Clothing

It has been nearly 100 the past few weeks since I posted, and other than running around Nekid (No-one should ever see that hahaha), I decided I better put quilting to the side and make myself some summer clothing.

I read about interesting patterns on the website Pattern Review.  Before you buy a pattern this is a GREAT place to go see if that pattern gave anyone problems -- Sure glad I checked some on my list, many ran very big, one I needed to buy the pattern size one UP, so always check on any potential pattern at that website first and read about any issues seamstresses may have had.

Easy elastic waist band Capri's -- I love wearing these during the hot summer months!  They fit the bill because they are longer and soak up more moisture, All Cotton - Nothing is better than a soft cotton to wear!  I do like making the string ties for the legs, and use the same method I tie up and "gift" wrap a quilt to give.

Well there is the most Amazing Batiste cotton I found.  NewYork Fashion Fabrics?  Gosh I need to make that a link  but it is their very pricey 100% cotton Batiste on a bolt.  When my bolts arrived I had to poke through the plastic to feel this fabric and OhMyGawd!   I want to wrap myself in this all summer!!  Yes, it's that soft - BUT :-)  Pricey and Sheer!  Well all that aside, I'm slowly working on a blouse that will be so cool to wear.  To the side on the right, you'll see reviews on Patterns I try from time to time.

Have a great day doing what YOU love to do in life, be happy.