This is where I am trying to keep photo's of all the Quilts I've completed.  A journey of my learning How To Quilt.  I only learned how to by watching You-Tube videos.  Reminder to me to mark where they went (Family, Friends, Raffles or Quilts4Kids).

After carefully measuring my sewing machine needle to sew at the 1/4" mark I jumped into the world of Quilts.  This is my 1st one made using Eleanor Burns "Braid in a Day"  It took me a week, but it's lovely.

If you know how to Quilt, look below and see how lovely my seams are inside.  Nope, I didn't trim them... These are stunning, EXACT 1/8" seams!!  No wonder it took me forever but, damn I'm good 1/8" and I rocked it!!    This one I use to practice new techniques 

My mother liked this color combination so much she asked me to make one for her.  Delighted to, but wonder if she noticed the ahh sort of baby/childlike ABC print?  

Who cares, she wants 1 and she'll get it by Christmas!  Both of these were made using Jelly Rolls (from the Missouri Quilt Company).  This is called ABC 123 and has fun bright colors.  I put the borders and backing on, then quilted it SID so it's ready for Christmas.  My Mother has this as her favorite TV lap quilt. 

I ordered more pre-cuts.  While I own a mat and rotary cutter, I have a way to get better at the skill of cutting.  Practice you know!

hmm what next -- Oh yes Pin Wheels, I made a entire Pin Wheel farm!  They were so much fun I went a bit crazy -- My cutting table is a 96" race track style, and I had to bring my ironing board over to hold them all lol -- whoa gal!

It's time for another cat picture.  This photo is of our only Dude (cat that is)... Little Lucky Streak I rescued from being drowned (is that a verb?), in Texas as a kitten.  He is now 10 years old and a BIG buddy belly of love at about 25 pounds, a Hunka Hunka Love

Ok so one of my neighbors has a yearly Cookie Exchange which is coming up -- I decided to make a quick table runner using a few of the pinwheels -- The back side goes great with the Box pillow I made and gave to them last year (Look under my Pillows Tab to see it).  My neighbor owns this.

Not too horrible for a Beginner.

So that's all wrapped up and ready to go with a plate of cookies :-)

Then... Jelly Roll time. I sorted the colors included in this pack called "Bold and Beautiful".  I set aside the light colors for 1 lap quilt, and all the darker colors for another... One for a Boy, One for a Girl -- Isn't it cute how they turned out?  Both below Quilts were donated to Quilts4Kids.  I have bought 2 more packages of this Fabrics to make more Quilts4Kids.  The colors are so lovely, and I'll learn how to take better photo's

Above for a Boy 

Light and Lovely for a Girl - donated to Quilts4Kids

Ahh I can't believe it's only been a few weeks since I did my first Braid one -- I have been totally bitten by the quilt bug!  There is no cure, nor a bug spray to keep me away.  You know!!

So I think my husband would love something Scottish for his fun Christmas present?  Wonder if this will give him a laugh?  This is behind a frame to hang in my husbands Kilt Shop, and that's when I learned he doesn't "get" quilts WHAT??!!!  oops too bad and too late - I'll keep one and make it adorable and ask again

I am SO lucky a friend noticed the bottom 3 squares before I put the borders, backed and quilted this *yikes*  I am the Blonde all those jokes were made for hahah  Ok Fixed that!

Next - the minute I saw these two pre-cuts I knew what I had to do... "In My Mind" I call this one.  Made using Urbanicity and Lemon Tree, the prints inspired me.

There are only 2 walls in this house that are blank -- 1 in my Sewing room and 1 in our formal dining room -- Guess which one this will hang on?

Took me a while to think about a negative space, stare at the 2 different block sizes, but with help from on-line sewing and quilt friends (we are Everywhere!), I believe it was achieved.  Then how to hang the 3 last ones.... hmmm  *see the light go off above my head*  Since I've sewn Vintage clothing I know how to make belt loop strings!!!  That is what you can see I'm making to hang the last 3 "pictures" on this piece.  Great idea huh?

Something I would have done different looking back -- While this is only going to grace a wall, if I had quilted each block before piecing, I could have made those center triangles POP even more then they do.  oh well... moving onto Easy Street as my 2nd real quilt!  Thiw will be so much fun into my adventures of quilting, I then want to make a purse for ME for Christmas, and a few other secret items

This turned out JUST like I envisioned "In My Mind"  - I KEPT this one it was just the *bam*  of contract I like.

hmm Next....... God Bless the fact that my mother and father are still alive and doing pretty darn good!  My dad LOVES to bowl, and he is good at it still.  So I got some great bowling fabrics and made this for his Christmas Present.  Gosh these are getting better and better -- Wonder if I have to go back and sew clothes again (JUST kidding all!!)

This one belongs to my father and he Loves it!

Ok so that checks off the Neighbors, Hubby, Mom and Dad, my Wall Quilt... and I just can't stop!  I never EVER though I would be a woman who liked taking WHOLE fabric, cutting it into pieces only to sew back together -- me??  That is crazy right??  Ok Certify me, grab the straight jacket, lock me up BUT please let me keep my tiny pieces of fabric haha :-)

With enough under my belt, so to speak - I cut and made another Quilt4Kids.  This is fun and easy.  Washed, dried and put in the mail back for some Teenage boy.  This was donated to Quilt4Kids.

Dang, my camera is working funny now.

In between all this I keep up with *work* items.  

Wow!!!  If you haven't done a Bonnie K. Hunter Mystery Quilt (or any of her beautiful free patterns, or in her book), truly they are amazing and I know you'll want to keep yours!.  
I decided before purchasing her "recommended" colors, this Easy Street Quilt would be finished and go up for auction to help a small Animal Rescue group.  Here is a photo of the finished quilt.  For the Journey notes of this quilt, I've a tab on top for this asI went along Easy Street from the end of November to January 1st, 2013 when she reveled how to put the approximately 1500-5500? pieces into this beautiful quilt.  I added the purple and turquoise borders and small animal prints on black binding.

This is being used as a Fund Raiser on Crowd Rise with 100% of the Donations going to Holy Cat and Whiskers Animal Rescue (a Non-Profit) located in Madison, Ohio.

My passion for making smaller quilts for kids, or children in hospitals continues.

This is "Wild Child" - the teenagers I asked for thoughts said it is "Bad Awesome" - To be taken as groovy, cool!  A small lap sized for Quilts4Kids.

Online in a forum, they held a virtual Jelly Roll Race.  I love how coordinated the fabrics are, what a nice sized lap quilt these are, and it was really fun to make!

This is called "Sandy Kisses" and I sent it off to my dear Cosmic sister in Texas.  The lighting do not do justice to these lovely batiks!

While none of my 4 very loved cats are allowed in my fabric / sewing room, my youngest one "Sandia aka Sandy Baby" can't stand that I shut the door on her.  So, every now and then she sneaks in.  Here is why the above quilt is called "Sandy Kisses".

Hmm I work hard for my treaty would be another good name!

I bought some Jelly Rolls with cute stripes on them and 1 of a black on black that told me it would be made to look like a Bookcase!  This was so easy to design and create I shared this easy pattern on Craftsy for FREE!  Here is is without Borders sitting on a Queen spare bed.  With borders it can easily get extended out for hangover and tuck on a Queen bed or added two larger borders for a King Size.  I have my selvedge line scraps  so little book titles Could be sewn on but not by me, not this time hahaha 

From the Coats and Clark website, there is a lovely free pattern called "Around the World".  I kept adding colors as I wanted this project to end up just shy of a California King Bed.  This was a special project I made for my Husband which we "sometime" use.  

I used a variegated thread and quilted about 1/2" apart using the center block as my starting point.  This took approximately 1 1/2 weeks to quilt.  These were made to gift my sewing friends from various tutorials around the web.  

Doing a swap I made several varieties of Mug Rugs.  I like the triangle shaped ones the best, so another 2 were made and shipped out.

HGTV has wonderful Video's on Quilting - Take a look at the 3 part series on making an Envelope Quilt.  Mostly used as Wall hangings, I can see many uses for this!  This is a gift for a sewing friend 2014 Christmas - Gosh I did get an Early Start!!

This one is called "Sounds of Music".  This pattern is roughly based from AllPeopleQuilt.  It is a Twin size (or a bit bigger).  This was made for and with my Grandson.  I taught him how to sew a 1/4" line, sat him down and let him practice, while I cut the fabrics.  Then side by side we sewed.  He did GREAT and I only made him redo one seam (more that he would know the joy of unpicking haha)

In March I began to sleep 18 hours a day - broken up, awake less and less it sure slowed me down.  I've been told by July my extreme need for sleep may lessen and within a year get my energy back.  I'm not stopping to wait while there are other's who need quilts for love and comfort.

The above quilt is called "Jester Jungle" - It's waiting for the last "spidery" blue web to be figured out and sewn in before quilting.  Another Quilt4Kids.

This is a work of love from God above.  A small story :-)  

I slowly began this quilt for my girl friend in Florida for her Birthday the end of May.  She adores purples, lilac, greens etc.  

Then I found out about a child/woman who had about an 84% chance of dying.  Before Easter Sunday she pulled through and astonished all her doctor's.  This is now going to be sent as a Comfort Quilt to M.... in California (Joy, God put us together for a reason you know!)  I quilted this about 1/4" apart and made a bow to tie around it as her "present".  I hope she finds much comfort in this quilt, knowing God still has plans for her on earth and she is loved.  I'm especially fond of how this turned out.

Though the day was overcast, the deep purple backing looks a bit more blue in the picture.  I added a line of lighter purple with small hearts across the back.  

I haven't posted anywhere in a long time, I'm exhausted most of the time.  Not sure where my next project will take me, but I know in a few days I'll begin another one.

I have had a Layer Cake (10" squares) and a Jelly Roll in McCalls fabric since -- well months waiting for something to "talk to me" -- oh heck yeah, my fabric talk to me :-)  Well that was next up using Jenny Doan's great tutorials on You-Tube presented by the Missouri Quilt Shop *quack*  The tutorial is called 1 Layer Cake + 1 Jelly Roll = Quilt

"The Seamstress" is what I am calling mine.  Anyone who loves to sew will love this quilt!  The fabric line represents a lifetime of McCalls pattens, sewing notions and such.  I think quilting it in circles highlights the cute buttons.  Hope you think so too!  

May I had to go back and make my girl friend a purple, lilac quilt since her's was given away :-)  she was really understanding.

This pattern is called Falling Charms and I really like that sew more than cut.  The big Plus is how EASY this is to make. I see more of these in my future.   A very belated Special Birthday present my Canasta online friend!

I love adding special touches to my quilt borders - a touch of Pizzazzzzzzz

Now this is where I spend weeks -- Quilting small lines which makes my quilts gorgeous with lovely texture and it is my favorite part.

The back showing all the small quilting 

Off to travel for the summer, but not to worry there are hundred of yards crammed into nearly every closet (now why would hubby NOT let me use a few dish drawers hmmm)

So heading up to visit friends in Ohio who purchased a new 5th wheel and of course I had the perfect fabric -- I named this one "Cowboy Camping"!  It is an queen size using the Warm Wishes style pattern.

What was really fun was to take 3 squares that had Bedrolls (sleeping bags on them) and embroidery their first names.  Then to sneak into their 5th wheel and make their bed -- I also made coordinating small bolster pillows.

This I quilted IN my 5th wheel - Traveling or not a woman's got to Quilt!

Next was my 1st attempt at Applique for our 1st granddaughter.  If I get the hang of this, there's a cute "Candy Dish" quilt after I learn more on how to applique better.    

My satin stitches need more practice and I have learned a few tips and tricks, but my practice row does look cute with the dished filled with all types of candy fabric.

Then hubby decided he wanted a "boring" quilt that will fit a California King size bed (at home) and be really BIG on our 5th Wheel's King bed... What did I do?  Grabbed fabric and began to design and stitch.  Right now borders are waiting for approval (or Shopping Time!)... then this will turn into a quilt sandwich thought I may wait until we arrive home where I have MORE space to quilt this on my home machine (larger tables to hold the weight).

"His and Her's Quilt"

Side View because the 5th wheels bedrooms aren't large enough to step away for a photo.  Pressing on to get a few more tops ready to quilt... 

It's a Boy Quilt

Funny this is my 1st time making a Disappearing 9-Patch!  How fun this was to do.

I am working on "It's a Girl" and will post that.  My doctor in Minnesota (where we travel to mid-August through Sept), gave me her wonderful news as it was noticeable during a visit in August!  She was due mid-September so it was a race completing the last 3 and getting her pretty in pink quilt before she had her anticipate Girl!  

Here is  the pieced backing and how tight I quilted this.  I tried some free applique going around a dryer sheet from a tutorial, but they were only "good" enough in case she wanted to put a cup of tea, or a warm bottle on.

Heading over to the Missouri Star Quilt shop for 4 lovely days to meet forum member, sew and get a trunk show and Q&A from Jenny Doan! *whoot* better at my age than meeting Santa Clause :-)  So I made a table runner to put on one of the "eating" tables in their new Retreat center.  I bought a cute "small" pumpkin and here it is sitting on one of the retreat center tables!  

The close up of the quilting is below without the binding put on that was finished up after arrival.

I drew a small paper template of a Triangle, marked the centers of each of the 3 blocks and sewed Triangles around them all using my walking foot as my width/guide.  I love the quilting part so almost all my quilts are getting known for close and tight quilting!  This is going along with 12 other items as part of a Secret Santa gift box sent our after Thanksgiving. I hope my quilting buddy likes it?

Back home now (mid-October) and have several in the middle of cutting, design.  

Thank you for looking at my journey of quilts.



sewinglady said...

Love your quilts!

pdjewelrylady said...

Great work - lol on the 3 oops blocks in your hubs scottish quilt! i do that all the time :D

Dee Cee said...

Thanks! God keeps trying to teach me to slow down and pay attention -- and I can't seem to learn that - yet hahaha!

Elizabeth said...

What a great start on your quilting addiction! I love how you've finished projects, too. On your "oops blocks", well, I made a fun quilt at a weekend retreat with Pat Speth, the Nickel Quilt Lady, and after making all of the blocks and playing with them on my design wall for a week, I still managed to put one block somewhere in the middle together with the 4-patch in the wrong orientation. Too late now! I keep hearing that every quilt should have at least one mistake to show that a human made it. Well, mine's definitely human made!

Dee Cee said...

hahahah well we will just have some great Human made quilts! Everyone has 1 teeny something that makes it special :-)