Animations by Dee

Long time ago I ran one of the largest web groups on MSN.  It was voted TOP *whoo hooo* and called HowTwo, HowTwoTwo and HowTwoCreate.  

Myself and many other's that learned, used to teach people how to use Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

Here are just a few of my very Favorite Animations created by *me*.  

Hopefully, I will find a way to post the way more than 1000+ names created that Fly, swirl, twirl or wink.

If you see one you like, right click to SAVE AS a .gif and PLEASE post a link back here :-)  Thank you.

 I will link the FREE to TAKE Name Files in a new post A - Z :-) 

Please do NOT copy the ones below -- These are My copyrighted ones.  

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