Progress near the end of January

Doing the January FabShopHop, I discovered a wonderful website that quilts very nicely.  I've emailed and asked if they would consider quilting the Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Quilt for charity -- Hope to hear back from them very soon!

My sewing room is OFF limits to our cats -- yeah right.  Well she dashed in, got right into this one so here is my Sandy Baby aka the Quilt Inspector sewing away for me -- How nice she matches the fabric at least!

I've finished this with a 3" wide beautiful mottled wine binding.


The weather's great outside, but not inside

We've had some great weather here the past couple of days, 73 degrees and just lovely!  Except we are inside with the flu *cough* *mmmmm* Did you know saying mmmmmmmm just feels good when you are aching all over?  Try it!  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, blink, breathe but not too deep to set off another round of coughing.

I thought this was one long cold, then the husband got it.  Can you keep passing this back and forth?  Can our cats get this?  (a) I hope not and (b) I'm almost positive, animals don't catch this from us.

Well ya know how I "think" it happened -- I'm one that won't use a pen sitting on someone's desk, at the store etc.  No way I'm not touching those germ laden items, I carry my own!  But, sometimes you have to when your signing those credit card things with the stupid non-pen Pens. I also carry around little bottles of germ stuff, you know the non-soap Soap?

I see a trend here -- Pens that are non-pens, and soap that is non-soap -- What else is not something, that is?  What a word play.  Another day when my head isn't feeling full and in the clouds.

See how in the clouds my brain is -- Geeze, so anyway I went to my monthly Doctors appointment and the NP was sick so she sat on the other side of the room.  I tried not to breathe the whole time in there, but that didn't work out so well :-)

Then I scoot to my next appointment, and that doctor is out sick *sigh*... So I work out my testing with someone else, and must go back the next day to see the doctor..  Here she is fresh from home after being out Sick -- Let me say - you can't talk to a doctor for over an hour without Breathing!!  I'm just saying, I can swim the length of a pool totally underwater but at some point, quickly I might add, talking and breathing just happen.

Well then I've got prescriptions to fill.  Where?  A Pharmacy where there are (of course) Sick people waiting for their prescriptions.  What are they using?  Yes!  Signing with the non-pen Pen and probably not using the non-soap, soap!  Two days later I was knocked flat.  Well it's been a week, and I think this bug just keeps traveling up and down  -- Coughing, give that a few days oh then joy, with or without body aches, then hey - let's heard up to insult your entire face, ears, nose... ohh then it's time to travel back down for another trip into the airways for more coughing fun!

Ok this isn't a great blog post, but the Good news is?  You are over --------------------> there where you can't  possibly catch this, because I am <----------------------here p="p">
The only saving grace about this was that I've had time to be on the internet and catch up playing Canasta, have my new sewing machines walking foot and special Stitch in the Ditch ordered and on it's way, been enjoying reading other blogs I don't get to often (cuz I'm Sewing! :-)

With the amazing weather, I was able to piece the back and sandwich my Easy Street Mystery Quilt on the driveway -- Always so thankful that most folks in my neighborhood LEAVE for work and don't see me tossing sheets on the driveway and kneeling and crawling around trying to flatten and get a backing on a large quilt -- Oh Joy to see them walking around on a weekend wondering what the hell that Crazy lady is up to now (and why I pushed myself too hard on Thursday, but got it done).

It's been sort of nice to spend days getting lost reading some of the most interesting blogs I've recently discovered!  Did you know about the Science, Fashion and other places you can find here in Blogland?  Amazing and worth taking time just to wander about.

LONG story short is that I'm expecting my walking foot to come in Monday and pray that I'm feeling good enough to begin to VERY long journey quilting my beautiful Easy Street Mystery Quilt!

Hope you are having a much better day!



Award for very small Bloggers? Why Yes

There is an Award for bloggers who have less than 200 folks following them -- well that's me and so many others :-)

I'm excited to have been nominated for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much to MadeByMammainPa!   This award is for up and coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. It's always good to know someone is reading our blogs and enjoying it. 

The rules for this award
1. List 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate (this one may be hard as I am not sure if I know of 11 bloggers under this criteria)
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. 

Questions to me...

1) Are you a cat or dog person?

100% Cat-a-holic

2) If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation where would it be?

My own beach, no crowds, soft breeze, clean sand, soft water lapping, a tree giving a hint of shade with the breeze, always about 78 degrees, and my drinks brought to me.

3) What is your favorite color?

I love yellow but don't like to wear it - it just says sunshine and happiness when I see it.  

4) If you could go back in time and re-live any experience in your life what or when would it be?

uh oh -- Dad don't look (just kidding!!!) 

5)Do you have a favorite number?

Not really, I'm not a superstitious person.  No Friday 13th thing, black cats are good ones, lucky number 7 doesn't do anything for me.

6) Do you speak any other languages?

I learned ages ago to say some very bad words in Spanish (totally forgot how to say anything else).

7) If money and time were not a problem what would you go back to school for?

Maybe fabric design so I could create my own cute prints *but I know about Spoonflower* :-)

8) If you could move anywhere in the world where would you go?

No-where, I love being at home!  Yes I'm a nut but a nice Pecan.

9) What is you favorite movie of all time?

I don't like going out to movies, but enjoy watching comedies.  Tom Hanks Green Mile, Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean... Goldie Hawn 1st Wives Club, Ace Ventura Pet Detective I'm not good at picking just one.

10) Shoes or barefoot?


11) Are you afraid of anything? 

Pit bulls and coyotes


My Questions for the Next Bloggers are?

1.  Would you rather be on vacation, at home sewing, or out purchasing fabric?

2.  Do you have a favorite Author and who is it?

3.  Your favorite color

4.  What is your favorite thing to cook?

5.  Your least favorite cleaning activity?

6.  Do you think you spend more time sewing, or organizing your sewing area?

7.  When did you begin to sew and who taught you?

8.  What do you think of the current prices of fabric?  Going up, or going down and why?

9.  Do you have any pets?

10.  What is your favorite thing to do while sewing (radio, TV, nothing?)

11.  Why did you start your blog, and where do you think it is going?

I thank MadebyMammainPa.blogspot.com for dragging me into this hahahha  and here are other people with small blogs like me that post what they are up to, I do enjoy reading and sharing these.

My favorite is Quiltsareforgiving -- Can't believe they have less than 200 people!!  Seriously, BlogLand come on! haha

I like making things to give away -- Quilt for Kids, My Easy Street Quilt (Gasp, holy smokes batman, yes I know - this was 1500+ pieces and 2 months in the making and I'm selling it to raise money for an animal rescue group haha)... But here are 11 I nominate... Check them out, JOIN and enjoy.













Wed Night Thursday Morning

Set up my "new 2 me" sewing machine and finally made time to give it a good work out.  Instead of fooling around with scraps, I worked on my Book Case Quilt and am trying to finish all the between column sashes.  Machine threaded easy, bobbin winding via needle pretty cool, really love the scissors cutting my threads for me and the big foot pedal is ohh la la!

I set the machine for needle down and pivot, so it helped give me a 3rd hand during piecing.  So far the machines sewing great, so she was allowed to move into my sewing room - ugh fabric spewed all over.  That's for another day or a few nights of work.

One sash left, then both the Easy Street Mystery Quilt and Book Case quilt are ready for borders, backing and Quilting -- This Viking Sapphire has the lovely 10" harp, so I'm excited that the Easy Street Quilt will be her first challenge.  

Doctors later today so it's off to bed this cold morning... brrr need my little heaters around me.

Enjoy your beautiful Thursday.


Sneak Peak at Easy Street Mystery Quilt Sewn

Tuesday -- I'm done sewing the Easy Street Mystery Quilt Top together.  

Right now, this measures 64" square without the 2 borders (shown below).  

The title I'm playing with is "Singing for our Supper - Cats and Dogs"

Choices for 2 borders are:

Purples - The Solid was used and the 3 one over with small purple apples, but not the 2nd with the Hearts and other design.  That one may be a bit "too" much with everything else going on.

Turquoise or one with a Dog Bone print... While I'd like to use the Dog Bones print, it's a bit "busy" and OFF a shade or two away from the other Aquas and Turquoise I used.  The Batik looking Turquoise was used in some of the units in the quilt.  

Close up of the colors

I like these two -- The batik looking Turquoise and the Solid Purple.  But which will pop off the green outer border better?  I think the Solid Purple won't bounce off the Dark green as well as the Turquoise so I'll use that for the larger outer border and put the lighter Turquoise in a small inside border.  Maybe use the dog bone print for the binding?  

Final Decision time!  Cut, sandwich, get this quilted, bind and Up for Auction she goes.


Saturday Already!

Wow it seems like the New Year just began and it's Saturday, January 5th already!  Is it just me or is 2013 flying past??

If you haven't browsed through my blog, you've missed photo's of my cats because I sneak them in between posts here and there!  Well this post is about 2 that were rescued as dumped kittens.

So Who Loves Ya Baby??

Both rescued as dumped kittens in various states.  The adorable tortie orange/black and every other color is named Sandia (yes, rescued dying at 10 weeks old from Albuquerque, NM), and named for the Sandia Mountains.  She is more often called Sandy Baby or Mama's baby.  Her older black and white buddy I caught as a feral in a campground when he was about 3 months old, and he loves his Sandy Baby!  

Sandia came to national attention when I wrote her story for multiple animal rescue groups.  She weighed 1.7 pounds and struggled to live during the first 5 months of her life.  I won't post those photo's but believe me when I say it was an incredible struggle for both of us.  Her eyes told me she wanted to live, so every Monday we had standing Vet appointments.  Ear mites were only the 1st problem we tackled.  She lost control to hold her tiny ears up (then I found a wonderful Home Remedy).  She had intestinal worms and IBS, then mange where she lost almost all her kitten fur.  Yet we both struggled on.  Mentally I had to Save her, and she saved me!  She is now a Beautiful 6 year old and the only health problem is she has is Failure to Thrive.  If I am not around her for more than a few days, she gives up eating :-(  We have not been apart since I learned this 3 years ago.  

Little Lucky Streak was often seen "streaking" about a campground near Houston, Texas.  Lucky the folks camping there named him, as the rest of the litter was drowned!  His Streaking around so fast, no-one could catch him gave him the rest of his name.  Back then, he WAS "Little" too.  Patience, food and fresh water out with me sitting nearby finally won him over.  When it began to get cold, one night he jumped into my lap.  Snuggled under my sweater purring away, I promised him he could come into our 5th wheel and be loved.  That was 9 years ago and MANY pounds later -- at almost 25 lbs he decided he loves people and all the other rescues and adoptions we've had since.  Well except KayCee, but that is another story ;-)


Test Driving New Sewing Machines

OMG I was strolling through eBay and saw a used Viking 870 quilt machine.  It says it sews perfect and was just serviced.  Ok, so I put a bid in and 10 minutes later.... I GOT it!  It's schedule to arrive next week and I'll have it set up and take several days to give it a going over and have a sew-a-thon!  I'm praying it works like advertised so this will have a big enough harp to quilt larger Charity ones.  Can I say Yahooooooooooooo!!


Well Easy Street took a Back Street Today :-)

I didn't work on finishing Block A because I'm got side tracked.  I need a new sewing machine.  I've done research on the internet, Consumer reports, other happy (or not so happy) buyer reviews, Amazon, eBay, and *drooled* at some very expensive and (for me) over the top machines.  After I made myself get back down into MY world --- I took time today to go test drive 4 at our the local Sew and Vac.  

My "newest" mechanical sewing machine is an 8 year old Pfaff.  Then there is my back up machine - a very old heavy metal Viking Selectra, and 2 Elna's from eons ago.  These only sew straight but I lucked out finding some Vintage Cams!  My goal for 2013 is to set up 1 working Elna and let her come back out and play with some fun designs.  But, in the mean time I have to get a new machine.

So, if your interested here are the one's I tested Button holes on, sewed seams and generally got the "feel" for.  All these are computerized which is like going from hmm driving a Volkswagen to a Lincoln??

Brother NX650Q - Click on the link if you want to see how "space age" it looks (pretty cool)  VERY nice button holes, had tons I don't need, and a bunch I never knew I need!  

Husqvarna Viking Opal - Very nice greenish/turquoise *pretty pebbles* on front yet not a large harp for shoving quilts under, but it sang and danced in all other regards

Pfaff 150th Tribute - Anniverary Edition - I believe there was a threading issue or something as the woman in the sewing center made the test buttonhole and it was a homey looking buttonhole... so I put that on a side list - It's above my price range anyway.  

MY NEW LOVES listed Below -- Viking please put a few of these on SALE!!!  Either one I would grab in a hot flash -- But they are $400 over what I want to spend *cry*.. We have a huge quilt show coming soon, so there is a ray of hope that a reduction in price will happen then.  *Pray, Sing, Dance, do the Hokie Pokie* to help make it happen!

Husqvarna Viking 140C -- This is their 140th year Edition and it is RED! omg CUTE and the BEST buttonhole ... I'm in love!

And only a teeny smidgen behind the Red one is ...  

Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875Q -- Still above the price but less than either of the Anniversary Editions.  This has the nice 10" harp space for larger quilts and so much more.

The Brother and the Viking Opal are nice computerized machines but don't have the larger Harp.  *Argh* I don't like making decisions, even after being well informed.  

How can I possibly chose?  I want to spend my time sewing without the shopping, and most of all -- trying to decided on one.  Maybe they can just drop it at my Door step and let me get BACK to sewing LMAO!!!

Ok off I go to sew