Iron Quilt Challenge was a Big One

You all are the Tops!!  Thank you for helping me WIN a Madera Thread Chest - My quilt shown below placed in the Missouri Star Quilt Shop's "Iron Quilter" Contest.  

I am exhausted and thrilled to have my Iron Quilt challenge done with the photo submitted.

Voting is on Facebook on the Missouri Star Quilt Shop page  They will have an album with the Iron Quilts in them *Like* as many as you want to vote.  The top 25 move on, but no decision on when the next round (or where) will take place. The top 6 win prizes.

Only 1 charm pack of fabric had to be used but you could purchase up to 4 of RJR's "Lovely" fabric and I'm glad I did.  My 1st charm pack was when I noticed these were all not cut at 5".  All that pack was then cut wrong for the design I wanted.  Those will be used in another adventure LOL  
This entire quilt was a struggle.  The charm packs from pack to pack were cut and sorted with various different additions of the duplicates, then within the same charm pack not all were 5" some a bit more, some a bit less.  Argh right?  Not when you are making a quilt, this is important so I trimmed and remeasure and sliver trim again until I could get mine made -- I spent about 4+ weeks making this and hope it is liked on Facebook

I named mine "Lovely Jewels" and it's the 1st one my husband likes??  A high compliment and I hope you like too.


Mid-November Christmas coming Fast

Someone posted they needed an extra month between November and December!  I could not agree more.  So many projects, so little time.  How are you doing on getting all your Christmas projects done?

The Vintage Pattern Contest at PatternReview.com is full steam ahead with many lovely gowns, bolo jackets and other Vintage patterns being puzzled over and sewn up!  This is a great way to learn how to sew those harder Vintage Patterns.  The end date to submit your entry is November 30th so I hope some come join us :-)

About 4 am I was putting the LAST border on my Iron Quilt and ran out of bobbin thread.  No biggie right?  Well after every 3 or 4 bobbins, I do like to clean my machine out.  I'm cleaning and digging around with my brush and Opppssssssssss Dropped it DOWN into the back behind the Feed Dogs!!!  OhMyGawd - I unscrewed the feed dogs, but still can't reach it.  Nothing to do but put this Pfaff to the side and get her in to have a Simple FIX done by a pro *sigh*

I know we all try to piece on 1 sewing machine only -- But I suspect since I've only about 68" of this last border to go, it will be OK to move my project over to one of my other sewing machines right???
Argh!  Definately time to turn the  lights off and grab some sleep, tonight I'll put a new needle in, rewind bobbins and finish on my Viking 875Q machine.  That is what I'll be using to quilt this anyway, may as well get her humming.  

Have my scraps cut up and ready for Cider Row, and colors for a Penny Patch quilt and Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt that begins November 29th. 

Hope  everyone has a lovely weekend sewing and enjoying putting some YOU time into your life.



Make a Quilt for the Homeless!

I am so pumped about this idea that was posted on the Missouri Star Quilt shop forum!

"I just had to stop stitching and propose a fun quilting challenge for people of any quilting capabilities. Winter time is coming, and in some states has already hit full force, and of course there are many people who are without homes or even a warm blanket to keep warm with. I know I personally have some hideously ugly fabric that I am totally stumped what to do with it. So, here's my thought process, a challenge for every quilter regardless of their quilting capabilities to raid their quilting stashes and find their least fabric fabrics, or to raid their own clothes closet and get out all of those old ripped jeans or cotton shirts, or tshirts, whatever, and to make a quilt with it. Now, here's the twist, they aren't allowed to keep the quilt, or give it someone who already has one. Whoever accepts this quilting challenge can use old blankets for batting, and a clean sheet or more ugly fabric for the backing, and once the quilt is complete take a picture and post it, then take the crazy quilt and give it to a homeless person. I know there are a ton of them here always begging on the street corner, so delivery would be easy, at a stop light simply roll down the window and instead of cash or whatever, simply hand them the quilt. 
I know that if I were to try to organize a challenge like this on my own it wouldn't reach very far, but you wonderful ladies already have the people following you and it would be able to reach more people that way. I think it would be amazingly fun challenge to do, and it would help those in need. Would you ladies at the Missouri Star Quilt Company please help to spread some warmth this winter? 
Thank you all sooo much for the time you've taken to even read this post. I hope and pray that you ladies would be willing to help motivate and challenge quilters to help a fellow person in need."

EASY delivery system and I'm sure we all have some of "that" color fabric - What were we thinking???  Even a quiit that perhaps you think went Awry and isn't perfect (well heck, none are perfect right?).... 

Please help spread the word - There is NO place to send these, just drive down any road and see the Homeless shivering on the corner and donate!

God Bless our abundance


November filled up!

I love being at home with all my stash, and so many fun things to fill up the winter months!  Still must reorganize stash brought in from the 5th wheel, and get it back in love with the poor stash that was left behind.

November I'm booked up.  Not in any order that makes sense but on my plate are the following.  What are you working on in November?

1- Vintage Pattern Contest Manager on Pattern Review (have you ever wondered before you bought a Pattern how the sizes would work, how the sewing would go?).  This will save you time and money reading about other's who bought/made a pattern with all the good and bad of each pattern!  What a great place to check out before you buy a pattern that may not work for you.  Pattern Reviews

There is also a Quilting side to Pattern Review that is celebrating it's 12th Anniversary.  The talent of these men and women keep motivating me to learn more.

Do you love the look of the 30's or 40's?  50's where everything looks so feminine!  The Vintage Pattern contest is open to everyone who is a member (and it's FREE to join, or pay a little to a yearly membership).   Vintage Patterns before 1978 will be sewn and hair pulled - Remember these old pattern assume you know basic garment construction and they leave out many steps!  This will stretch your sewing ability but you'll get  a beautiful garment as I found out last year with this Anne Adams 1950ish Sleeveless Dress and Boloero Jacket with Contrast sections!  Raisin Charmeuse Silk Vintage Dress and Bolo Jacket

Here are a few places I found last year when I was learning about Vintage Pattern Sewing.

 -- How to make thread belt loops
-- Where to find buckles to cover and make your own Vintage Belt
-- Threads Mag article - Working with Vintage Patterns

Have I sparked your interest?  I hope so.  Please come join us November 1st - November 30th 2013  on PatternReview.com

2 - Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt (1st clue Nov 29). What great timing as the vintage contest will be nearing the end).  Thank you Bonnie **hugs** Always a surprise to see how the Mystery comes out.  Come join us all as we try to decipher another Mystery in some very yummy colors.

2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

3 - Finish all those, put the finishing touches on Christmas Presents!  Some only need a few buttons added, trim sewn but November is the time to get them done.  I put these projects in a basket so I can take them out during Sofa Cat time TV and petting cats time.  Much better to sew on a button than watching a commercial :-)

4 - Iron Quilter - Finish the design, cut, sew, press, sew some more, baste, back and Quilt!  After seeing many "tops" wre submitted last year, though they did not receive a ton of votes, I'm hoping more people actually Quilt for this years 2nd Iron Quilter Contest!

Want to find out how to join?  The Iron Quilter II Video *warning* smiles abound!

Iron Quilter II

Read the rules, watch the Cute, Cute you-tube with Sarah and Natalie from the Missouri Star Quilt company (they are gifed and fun ladies!)... There is also a great forum which is a wonderful place to share your love of quilting, find some friends or ask questions

5 - Pat Sloan's Quilt 

I recently joined the wonderful Pat Sloan's blog and having a blast making new friends there.  Pat could be my sister - always a Cheerleader (and loves coffee too!!!).... She posted a beautiful quilt I've fallen in love with called Cider Row that will help you use scraps up!!  Oh yes, you do need to add this to your list!
Thank you Pat for giving so much of  your talent and cheerfulness to the quilting world  Awesome, go check it out and Join for more fun with other Quilters

Pat Sloan's Cider Row - Yes you do need to make this too!

So Sew What are you doing in November?  

~ Dee


Is life speeding up?

It is nearly the end of October and it feels like life is speeding up toward Christmas!  Maybe that's because I still have several projects to get done.

On my table in the works are a huge Scrap paper piecing project, the Iron Quilter II Challenge, Contest Manager for the Vintage Pattern Sewing on PR - If you like to make Vintage clothing, please come join us November 1 - 30th!

I'm also looking forward to seeing if there is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt along that typically begins in November?  Last year her beautiful Easy Street was my 2nd quilt :-) yes, I'm crazy now you can be sure.  I learned so much and while waiting for clue made quilts4kids, my family and still kept up.

Also part of a 12 month Secret Santa swap with fun "clues" each month such as Jan = Cold, February was Sweet, etc.  a little theme if you will for each month just to get us thinking.  My box is only 1 short Table runner shy, then it will go out to a forum friend.

Phew, I'm tired just thinking of all the sewing and quilting... Now, has October seemed to just fly by for you too?  Are you working harder to get those Christmas gifts in the works or were you quick and already have them all done?

Have a lovely Sunday all,



Clicking my heels 3 times There is no place like Home....

Do you wish it was that easy to twitch your nose (Bewitched), fold your arms and nod (I Dream of Jeanie), or click your heels 3 times and say "There is no place like Home" (The Wizard of Oz), and POOF you are there!  hmm I sure dated myself listing old TV shows some people won't have heard of, but I'm sure everyone knows about Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!  

Well I've finally arrived back home!  It took over 3 hours to unload the 5th wheel because -- there was so much fabric (I didn't say too much but it really was).  Next travel time reminder ... no matter how fast I sew there are still only 24 hours in every day *sheeesh*

After a quick arranging of my sewing room, I set up 2 machines and tried to get back into working mode.  It seems a bit harder this year after all the traveling, and being 1 year older doesn't help!  

It amazes me when you simply sit and drive, how tiring that is!!  It's not like real exercise, it's just paying attention, sitting and steering a car!  How can that take so much out of a person?  No matter how much I want to begin a new project or make something fun--my get up and go went.   

Laundry is almost done and food purchased and in freezer or fridge.  Have about 35 pieces on my design wall cut and sewn, more to do but no mojo today. 

It was nice to take an afternoon and evening to sit and have the cats take turns coming for pets and love.  With 4 cats ages 18 to 8, it's good to get them back home and let them find their old favorite spots again.  

Yes, I do take them all on the road with me.  I've purchased a wire "Guard" gate that goes across the seats to the inside roof that has adjustable legs for various cars/Suv's/Trucks.  Add some pillows and their own temperpedic mattress pad and they are safe not to come up and wander around while I'm driving, comfortable and really cats can get used to traveling!  

I hope once the dust falls off to post on a more normal schedule.  How funny to look at beautiful tile on someones floor and suddenly see a great idea for a new quilt, or when the sun hits a cloud just right, it turns into an animal shape.  

Nothing to do while driving but remember "Stay between the white lines" and think about fabric waiting to be cut and sewn, new things I want to learn this winter.  What are you planning to make for the winter this year?  

The clock is ticking and I've got to come up with something for the Iron Quilter II Challenge.  Not that I've a chance of winning, but I will have -0- votes if I don't enter, so I'll make something and it will be a blast seeing what various quilters do using all the same fabrics.    

When I type "Iron Quilt Challenge" I hear "Rocky" music in the background as he is running up the steps, pushing himself (and me?) to the limit - the roar of perhaps one of the wrestling announcers yelling --- Iron Quilters start your sewing machine, get out your rotary cutter and mat and Begin the Challenge :-) 

I do hope you too are having fun and enjoying life and have a great weekend everyone!

Dee Cee


Time to Travel

We just finished the huge Minnesota Renaissance Festival and are packing down to travel.  So sad to put my sewing machines away for now.  Heading to Missouri Star Quilt Shop *yeah* to meet Jenny Doan and her family, and many quilting forum friends and oh yes, did I say SHOP?!!!

They have just opened a Sleep and Sew, but we have our 5th wheel and will stay at a nearby RV Park.  With 20 sewing machines in the Sleep and Sew we plan on making blocks for a Quilt of Valor, having show and tell, 2 BBQ's, and I expect much quilting talk and sewing!  This is better than a birthday, Anniversary *ooops* ok maybe not an Anniversary ;-) but Christmas all rolled into one!

I am going to show how to add Easy Machine Binding with the pesky ends that some folks struggle with and have a beautiful Fall table runner quilted and ready.  

Will be off line until we then drive the long trip home and have many events planned for November.  I am going to be hosting the Vintage Sewing Contest on Pattern Review in November, Working on my Iron Quilter Challenge Quilt AND awaiting Bonnie Hunter's tremendous Mystery Quilt!  So many exciting things.

Thanks and I hope you all had an amazing summer and fall!



Baby Quilts are so much fun!

Well after working on a California King Size quilt I really needed some small projects so decided to use 1 kids Charm pack with some fat quarters to make 2 Baby quilts -- I forgot how much FUN it is making smaller ones.

Do you find yourself wanting to do something quick after a long, or large project?  These two fit the bill and how cute they look.  

First for a boy, and my 1st time making a disappearing 9 patch.  I made a little tie with cars on it to go with.  I love adding these special fun machine stitches, we almost never use in other sewing items.  They go great on kids Quilts.

The cross sections are driving lanes for the little cars driving across

As a quilter I've heard for Baby quilts you want Bright colors to help their stimulation.  Well a gorgeous batik Orange and Yellow's that pop with tiny bees on them should give some little girl a lot to look at.

The pieced back of the Girls Baby Quilt - off set square and quilt tons!  This I put little hearts in the border.  

Sew much fun these are about 32" x 38" and in a few days Done!


Lazy Dayz - What helps you get moving?

Well the temps are up in Minnesota (where we are camping), along with the humidity so it feels like the Lazy Dayz of summer!  Our cat Lucky doing his best imitation of a penguin?

So what helps you get moving?  

The latest project is a boring quilt (boring because hubby picked the design)!  Had I known I would be doing tons of sashes I would have sewn this different as it's taken me 2 LONG weeks to get the top section done *ugh* I can normally make 1 quilt a WEEK, except this was being designed as I went along... Well the good news is that hubby really likes this and now I will add a small border, then a larger one and it will be ready to layout and sandwich.  Yahooo Then it's quilting time in our 5th wheel!

This is on our King Bed in the 5th wheel, but will be made to fit our California King at home.  A View from the Top

And a view from the side of the bed

This quilt should have been so Easy to do if I knew what it was going to become when I began.  I'm thrilled it's down to adding the borders.

To help get a Kick start I need to do a quick project or two!  That always seems to help me get out of the Lazy mode.

I have a cute toy Charm pack and wanted to stretch it to make 2 Quilts4Kids so separated out the boy and girl colors.  Sewn to make giant 9 patches and cut into a disappearing 9 patch. Now all I have to do is add lively, colorful borders and these both will make nice toddler quilts.  I typically will do 2 things at once, so both should be ready to be sandwiched with Photo's ready tomorrow.  

How do you get yourself moving when the Lazy mood strikes?


Have you ever had to make up a Quilt Design as you sew?

I began making a 9 patch Parfait quilt - Free Pattern on McCalls.  The perfect size for me to begin with 90 1/2" x 90 1/2".  The too many pink and black colors weren't to my taste so I substituted them for Tans and chocolate, blues and greens.  I've been wanting to make this pattern since I learned how to quilt in Nov 2012~

I put all the 9 patch blocks together using a Batik jelly roll and loved how they looked... EXCEPT they were suppose to come be 6 1/2"!  When I pressed the fold out of the jelly roll strips there were smile lines so unfortunately only a few blocks were near the 6 1/2"!!!  Joann's batik jelly roll was not on grain, nor were they the full 2 1/2" *sigh*...  I had already cut the large blocks, so either I cut everything down to 6" and kept on with the same pattern, or needed to change the entire quilt!

Well I had already cut 150 6 1/2" squares and was not feeling the love to recut them again - So the 9 patches were set to the side to be cut down later and added into various Quilts4Kids.

I thought about all the quilts I've learned to make and decided to add some white and black sashing around my blocks and see how big that was - Aiming for a California King Bed (but in the meantime it will grace our 5th wheel King Bed).

As I sashed the gorgeous Green blocks I realized they reminded me of the Monet Painting, Givinnecy's Garden (forgive my spelling!).  We have a very large print of this framed hanging over our bed at home, this will be the perfect center piece for this quilt!

Making this up as I sew I have no idea what it will look like when I'm done, which is making this a much longer project than it could have been!!!

How many of you begin working on a quilt pattern only to have to turn your quilt into something else??

Photo's after I add the next several rows so I can see how it is looking.  Thanks for reading


The winner of the Easy Street Quilt is.............. Shannon S.!

First I'd like to thank everyone who donated to help this small feral cat rescue group.  I wish more could have been done for them - but every bit helps!

Shannon S - You have WON the beautiful Easy Street Queen size quilt, Congratulations!

Some lasting photo's.  Please email me your address.  This weighs 6 pounds and will be sent to you from Minnesota.  I am really going to miss this so perhaps the next Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt I will KEEP!  :-)


Ohio in July and the Rain keeps coming!

July had to be one record wet year for northern Ohio!  I think by the time there was a break in the rain, I'd tossed my hands up and said Enough!  

The power was awful at our 1st campground so I didn't risk setting up my computerized sewing machine to quilt.  Yes, a UPS is the thing to have to make sure the power is coming in level and steady and I did look on Amazon but we moved campgrounds which makes me Happier!

Finally I completed "Cowboy Camping".  This quilt pattern is a free one called Warm Wishes.  Mine finished at 81" x 86" and was quilted in my 5th wheel :-)  You know, if you remove ALL the furniture that come with 5th wheels you can get a great sewing, quilting and computer station setup!    We never sit down at the dining room table anyway, so it is all sitting in our garage under the dust covers.

This is for a retired marine and his wife.  I had some extra blocks so made 2 small pillow cases for pillows I purchased.  Using a couple buttonholes and self-made fabric ties, they can remove these pillow cases and wash them if they'd like.

In three of the blocks I used my Alphabet stitches to put their names on the Bed Rolls aka Sleeping Bag - I thought that was a cute touch.

I am glad July is over, but sad the Fund Raising for Holy Cat Whiskers rescue on the Easy Street quilt isn't going better.  With a heavy heart I don't want to extend the date for donations much longer - Please note it is currently set to end August 15th!!  $10 per ticket to win the gorgeous Easy Street Quilt.  Won't you please share, facebook, tweet and get the news out to help raise funds?  Thanks

This is what I call Cowboy Camping - All my Thanks to our Military, current and retired.

Moving next weekend to Minnesota!  Hope the rain doesn't come with.  Happy Sewing


Busy June & it keeps coming!

Hi all!  Well June is always busy here - Sewing clothing and trying to race to finish project before we take hit the highways in the good old USA.  OhMyGoodness it hit 109 degrees today so I'll be missing posting for a while as we get up north and pray it's Cooler!

My latest Quilt called Falling Charms (already spoken for ;-) and I LOVE how soft all the lines of quilting came out after washing and drying!

Close quilting means a nice flat back AND ohhh such Texture!  Takes a very long time so this was about 2 weeks in the making -- The topper goes together EASY - the rest *whoa doggie*

Quilted about 1/2" apart beginning with an offet Squrare then around and around we go!

Falling Charms - Free You-Tube Tutorial by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Shop - Love how easy the first part just whips together.

My Favorite part is choosing a pretty deco stitch to the front to attache the binding.  I first sew the binding to the back, flip it over and use a decorative stitch on the front. I sure do love using the Variegated Threads - So pretty in lilac and purples

Hope your week is going great and I'll be back at it in a few weeks.

Please don't Forget - The EASY Street Quilt $10 Donation = 1 Ticket to win that quilt is still trying to raise needed funds for the tiny Feral Cat Rescue - Head on over there and give for the Animals!



How2 Make a Quilt Enclosed String or Blouse Bow

A Quick Tutorial on making an Enclosed string to "gift" wrap a Quilt or Make and add it as a Blouse Bow.

A quick photo of a cute string used to tie up a Baby Quilt for a Gift - I used my special stitches to put little cars along the string.  Read below how to make this with all the edged enclosed

First, must say we all Love cotton and not only for quilting, but Clothing!  So far, I've made 2 pair of Capri pants, a pair of long pants, a Blouse in batiste cotton and a swingy panel skirt.  Tonight I'm having a go at white Camisole's, but I promised I will show you a quick way to make a Cute Bow to wrap a Quilt, or add a cute Bow to any Blouse.

Here's one of my comfortable cotton outfits.

Soft batiste cotton for the top and *gasp* I used my favorite print Quilting cotton for my skirt!

So under the Tab "Quilts" you can see the cute Bow I made and tied it around a very special quilt.  This time I remembered to take photo's as I made a Bow for my Blouse (almost the exact same technique!) and enjoy this easy way for both.

If I'm making a string for a Quilt -- Cut 2 1/2" x WOF (width of fabric).  To the ironing board and fold in half with  right sides of fabric out.  Iron the fold..

Next open this up and  take each side and fold TO the center fold and iron.  (See photo's below)

Then fold all this back up you'll have a nice length to Top Stitch and add a decorative stitch to.  Add another section as your quilt gets larger than Lap Size.

The same idea in making strings to Gift Wrap Quilts can be applied to add a bow to a Blouse.  This time I remembered to take photo's to help!

For the Blouse you don't need the WOF (44-45") so I cut mine Blouse Bow 2"x27".

Iron the center together, right sides out.  Open back up and iron both sides TO the 1st center fold.  Now you'll see all the fold lines below.

Now for the ends -- For a Quilt or Blouse, I don't want boring square ends :-)

Now that all the "folds" are ironed, you can SEE where to fold in the tips on each side to the center fold for a triangle shape.

Put Quilting pins in to press this shape down.

Now Fold everything back into the tidy shape and press again!

Edge Stitch close to the fold lines.  I like to start at the tips edge and make a Fix stitch - Set the first stitch and sew slow to get close and as straight as you can.

For the Quilt string, this is where you get to choose the stitch to sewn down this cool string to jazz up your Tie.  Hearts, Cars whatever Fancy Stitch you normally forget your machine makes.  Some older model sewing machines have a few decorative stitches, and Quilters or clothing sewer forget to use them.   *holding up hand* like me!  

To finish the Blouse bow, cut a 2" x 2" square from the blouse fabric and fold in edges.  Iron to make a Square Box shape like below.  Don't stitch this yet!

Next take your string and make a loopy bow and set it down where you can work with it.  I love the ironing board for this, because I can stick pins  into the top and my small fabrics stay.

Take the 2"x2" square and fold it over the Front of your bow.  Pin it so the fold meets at the back of the bow.  Stitch around the square to hold your cute bow loops in place.  See how cute that is now! 

If you want the Bow to be on your Blouse permanently - sew the square then sew through the center onto your Blouse.   Because I want my Bow to be removable I sewed across the center in the photo below.

All done and ready to add to the Blouse.  See how nice the ends come out, and they are easier to sew across then folding them into a plain square end!

So to keep this Blouse "casual" I leave off the bow.  When I want to add it to a Blouse, put a small safety pin through the back "square" and add it on.

Without Bow


 With Bow

Enjoy and I hope this gives you all Many ideas for adding Gift Wrap Strings to quilts, or just add a bow to your next Blouse

-- This Blouse's pattern was reviewed on PatternReview.com and runs 1 size too Big!  By the pattern measurements, I normally would have cut a Large and been disappointed.  Thaniks to other reviews, I cut a Medium and it fits me very well.  This is a really good pattern as it also has the pattern for Sleeveless, and 3/4 sleeves, all which I'll make.



Time to make Clothing

It has been nearly 100 the past few weeks since I posted, and other than running around Nekid (No-one should ever see that hahaha), I decided I better put quilting to the side and make myself some summer clothing.

I read about interesting patterns on the website Pattern Review.  Before you buy a pattern this is a GREAT place to go see if that pattern gave anyone problems -- Sure glad I checked some on my list, many ran very big, one I needed to buy the pattern size one UP, so always check on any potential pattern at that website first and read about any issues seamstresses may have had.

Easy elastic waist band Capri's -- I love wearing these during the hot summer months!  They fit the bill because they are longer and soak up more moisture, All Cotton - Nothing is better than a soft cotton to wear!  I do like making the string ties for the legs, and use the same method I tie up and "gift" wrap a quilt to give.

Well there is the most Amazing Batiste cotton I found.  NewYork Fashion Fabrics?  Gosh I need to make that a link  but it is their very pricey 100% cotton Batiste on a bolt.  When my bolts arrived I had to poke through the plastic to feel this fabric and OhMyGawd!   I want to wrap myself in this all summer!!  Yes, it's that soft - BUT :-)  Pricey and Sheer!  Well all that aside, I'm slowly working on a blouse that will be so cool to wear.  To the side on the right, you'll see reviews on Patterns I try from time to time.

Have a great day doing what YOU love to do in life, be happy.



End of April Already?!

So many things in 2013!  My DH is a PhD High Energy Physicist so he has been keeping up with the eye opening news from CERN!  Thrilled they may have (or have) discovered what other people call the "god" particle -- One of the quarks... Corrected to say (as I was told haha) Boson Higgs? hm or Higgs Boson?

I'm the blond and he's the smart one!!  Scientist will understand what this means, and I know you are keeping up on this extraordinary event!  It really is exciting even for "non-scientist".  For me it meant hubby was happy to have given his great mind toward any part of this for many years - and it is a major discovery!

I've kept busy too - maybe not as exciting but enjoyable to me.

Since 2013 began, I've finished the following Quilts:

4 Quilts4Kids

Easy Street is now raising funds for Holy Cat Whiskers Animal Rescue - Please Donate if you can.  Even a   $10 donation = 1 Ticket to win the Easy Street Queen sized quilt.  Most important is that more Feral Cats can be helped, spayed, neutered, and kept out of the freezing temps in Ohio.

My grandson spent his Spring Break learning how to sew a 1/4" seam (and how to sew!).  We made him a twin sized quilt which he did about 1/2 of the piecing on.  *Insert proud grandmother look*

Miriam's quilt - A Miracle happened when I learned of a young lady Easter Sunday.  She surprised her doctors and survived a terrible tragedy.   Recovering enough to leave ICU, I rushed a beautiful Jelly Roll Quilt to the hospital.  I know it will bring her much comfort and joy.  I've heard she is on here way home now, what a Miracle and proof they do exist!

"The Seamstress" is what I'm calling this next quilt I just finished!  Made using a fun tutorial on You-Tube from the Missouri Star Quilt Shop called "1 Layer Cake + 1 Jelly Roll  Quilt".  I used the McCalls fabric and put a fat 3" binding of deep navy blue with sissors to highlight the years of sewing this fabric shows. 

To highlight all the cute Buttons in this fabric, I used a can to draw my first Circle to begin quilting, and then just followed around quilting in circles, around and around and.... but it came out really nice!

For Effect I'll add two Fake Button Holes to the front :-)  This should make anyone who enjoys sewing Happy!

The past few days we have moved furniture around in my sewing/fabric room!  I am so excited about the new arrangement AND I painted the ugly white peg board I bought for the walls, a yummy faux wine leather color -- Photo's for inspiration after I do more clean up!

Hope your 2013 has gone well and you are getting done what makes YOU happy!



Please Share - Easy Street Quilt on CrowdRise

Easy Street Mystery Quilt (Queen bed size) is on CrowdRise for donations to raise funds for Holy Cat Whiskers animal rescue group.

Please feel free to share the link on Twitter, Facebook, your Blog, Website, send emails...  Everywhere! :-)

$10 donation = 1 Ticket for drawing June 15, 2013 to win this gorgeous quilt!


Easy Street Quilt on CrowdRise Fundraising!

My Beautiful Easy Street Mystery Quilt (designed by the famous quilt author and quilt maker Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville) is now available on... 

CrowdRise for donations.

If you make a donation and wish to be entered into the drawing (Held June 15, 2013) to win this Queen sized quilt - Send an email or post your comments here!

I'm delighted to raise funds for Holy Cat Whiskers in Madison, Ohio, a small Animal Rescue group that will receive 100% of the donations -- Winner will be responsible for shipping to your zip code.

Thank you all for your patience and please SHARE everywhere - Email your family and Friends, Tweet, Facebook, Pinterest, your Blog -- This is too important to keep a Secret!

If you love animals please help spread the news. 


Dee (Debbie HeadWench)

Shown above on a Cal. King Bed so you can see the Beautiful Design, Borders and Paw Print Binding.  This Easy Street Quilt is a very nice over-sized Queen sized Quilt with overhang room.


I disappeared from life the month of March as I've been very ill.  Regaining energy has been top of my list, so I've not posted anywhere in a long time.

I would like to share a special quilt made for M.... in California so she may find comfort and know she's loved and prayed over.  This quilt was a large project for me, stitched about 1/4" apart with love and prayers put into each limited time I had to spend on it.  I'm very fond of how it turned out and look forward to mailing it to the hospital next week.

I don't know where my next project will take me, but my "awake" hours are limited.  Now I'm going to check on Facebook to see if Holy Cat Whiskers Rescue successfully registered with Mission Fish to receive funds when I auction off the beautiful Easy Street Quilt shown on a top tab.

I've uploaded my newest quilts near the bottom section of the Quilts tab.  Thank you for looking.




Anyone near Madison, Ohio?

Holy Cat Whiskers needs Help figuring out how to get their non-profit registered with Mission Fish so my Easy Street Gorgeous Quilt can be auctioned off to raise 100% of the fund for them!!!

They are not too computer savvy so if anyone can help out (phone number is on their website)



Easy Street Mystery Quilt Completed

This Easy Street Mystery quilt is complete.  Designed by Bonnie K. Hunter of www.Quiltville.com, this gorgeous on-point quilt design will be available in her next book.

100% of the Proceeds from my Auction will go to Holy Cat Whiskers of Madison, Ohio.  They are currently registering with Mission Fish so we can get this to auction.  I hope to have many people bidding to win this beautiful Quilt and raise funds for this animal rescue.

The picture below shows this quilt on a California King Bed.  This quilt is an over-sized Queen at approximately 81" x 81".

Variegated Thread quilted on both borders and throughout this quilt it has small Dog Bone print on the Binding.  You will see many outlines of Cat and Dog Faces used throughout my quilt.

Ready to be Bid on and Shipped to YOU.

This is on top of a Queen size bed showing there is some pillow tuck room at the top, and over-hang on the sides and bottom.

After Quilting and still up on my big table.

I quilted this with variegated thread and thought it would be nice to show the colors with a design in both borders.  

Time to choose between the Dog Bone and Paw Prints for the Binding.