Quilts For Kids

If you know how to quilt -- Please request a kit OR cut into your stash, read about the dimensions and make a loving quilt for someone.

Right now there is a Desperate Need for Teen-Age BOY Quilts!!  Anyone?  

I have finished two more -- *Whoot*  And LOVE the handle/hook I made for one -- THEN thought -- wonder if they won't want this because it could get caught on an IV????  *sad face*  Well if not, I have 2 more in the plans and my "Wild Child" I posted to a few forums asking if teens thought this was (whatever today's word for Cool, Groovy is) and it's Bad Awesome hehehe

I received my kit the end of November and read through all the Instructions.  EASY directions for a simple 4 patch Quilt -- I was surprised how small it was going to be -- BUT they need this size in order to be able to mail them across the country to various hospitals.  

I have gained so much confidence cutting fabric because I'm following the Easy Street Mystery Quilt led by Bonnie Hunter.  Thank you Bonnie!  

Actually, this was a nice surprise to find out it was Easy to make.  One day to cut and piece the topper and another 2 full days (or in my case all night) to quilt it.  Since these quilts get washed in the Hospital Laundry you must quilt them very fully.    

I really enjoyed making this and learned that my Pfaff Hobby does good with 100% Cotton thread, so I put in a new needle and got busy!

With only tiny scraps left from the fabric, I am very happy to say this was the best I've done.  Yes, *I* noticed when I was quilting across 1 of the 4 patches it wanted to pucker.  I had my pressure foot pressure down so I'm clueless about that one small spot.  But after it was washed and dried, it is beautiful and on it's way back.  

So here it is, and DANG I forgot to take a photo of the back!!  Well the binding fabric was used for the backing.  I had not quite enough left-over for the binding, so I used a couple pieces of the Red/Green leftovers from the front and made a scrappy type binding.  Kind of reminded me of south-west style fabric for the back, but Fun Kids stuff on front -- Camping, hiking boots, campfires, fishing all wholesome good things.

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