Make a Quilt for the Homeless!

I am so pumped about this idea that was posted on the Missouri Star Quilt shop forum!

"I just had to stop stitching and propose a fun quilting challenge for people of any quilting capabilities. Winter time is coming, and in some states has already hit full force, and of course there are many people who are without homes or even a warm blanket to keep warm with. I know I personally have some hideously ugly fabric that I am totally stumped what to do with it. So, here's my thought process, a challenge for every quilter regardless of their quilting capabilities to raid their quilting stashes and find their least fabric fabrics, or to raid their own clothes closet and get out all of those old ripped jeans or cotton shirts, or tshirts, whatever, and to make a quilt with it. Now, here's the twist, they aren't allowed to keep the quilt, or give it someone who already has one. Whoever accepts this quilting challenge can use old blankets for batting, and a clean sheet or more ugly fabric for the backing, and once the quilt is complete take a picture and post it, then take the crazy quilt and give it to a homeless person. I know there are a ton of them here always begging on the street corner, so delivery would be easy, at a stop light simply roll down the window and instead of cash or whatever, simply hand them the quilt. 
I know that if I were to try to organize a challenge like this on my own it wouldn't reach very far, but you wonderful ladies already have the people following you and it would be able to reach more people that way. I think it would be amazingly fun challenge to do, and it would help those in need. Would you ladies at the Missouri Star Quilt Company please help to spread some warmth this winter? 
Thank you all sooo much for the time you've taken to even read this post. I hope and pray that you ladies would be willing to help motivate and challenge quilters to help a fellow person in need."

EASY delivery system and I'm sure we all have some of "that" color fabric - What were we thinking???  Even a quiit that perhaps you think went Awry and isn't perfect (well heck, none are perfect right?).... 

Please help spread the word - There is NO place to send these, just drive down any road and see the Homeless shivering on the corner and donate!

God Bless our abundance


November filled up!

I love being at home with all my stash, and so many fun things to fill up the winter months!  Still must reorganize stash brought in from the 5th wheel, and get it back in love with the poor stash that was left behind.

November I'm booked up.  Not in any order that makes sense but on my plate are the following.  What are you working on in November?

1- Vintage Pattern Contest Manager on Pattern Review (have you ever wondered before you bought a Pattern how the sizes would work, how the sewing would go?).  This will save you time and money reading about other's who bought/made a pattern with all the good and bad of each pattern!  What a great place to check out before you buy a pattern that may not work for you.  Pattern Reviews

There is also a Quilting side to Pattern Review that is celebrating it's 12th Anniversary.  The talent of these men and women keep motivating me to learn more.

Do you love the look of the 30's or 40's?  50's where everything looks so feminine!  The Vintage Pattern contest is open to everyone who is a member (and it's FREE to join, or pay a little to a yearly membership).   Vintage Patterns before 1978 will be sewn and hair pulled - Remember these old pattern assume you know basic garment construction and they leave out many steps!  This will stretch your sewing ability but you'll get  a beautiful garment as I found out last year with this Anne Adams 1950ish Sleeveless Dress and Boloero Jacket with Contrast sections!  Raisin Charmeuse Silk Vintage Dress and Bolo Jacket

Here are a few places I found last year when I was learning about Vintage Pattern Sewing.

 -- How to make thread belt loops
-- Where to find buckles to cover and make your own Vintage Belt
-- Threads Mag article - Working with Vintage Patterns

Have I sparked your interest?  I hope so.  Please come join us November 1st - November 30th 2013  on PatternReview.com

2 - Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt (1st clue Nov 29). What great timing as the vintage contest will be nearing the end).  Thank you Bonnie **hugs** Always a surprise to see how the Mystery comes out.  Come join us all as we try to decipher another Mystery in some very yummy colors.

2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

3 - Finish all those, put the finishing touches on Christmas Presents!  Some only need a few buttons added, trim sewn but November is the time to get them done.  I put these projects in a basket so I can take them out during Sofa Cat time TV and petting cats time.  Much better to sew on a button than watching a commercial :-)

4 - Iron Quilter - Finish the design, cut, sew, press, sew some more, baste, back and Quilt!  After seeing many "tops" wre submitted last year, though they did not receive a ton of votes, I'm hoping more people actually Quilt for this years 2nd Iron Quilter Contest!

Want to find out how to join?  The Iron Quilter II Video *warning* smiles abound!

Iron Quilter II

Read the rules, watch the Cute, Cute you-tube with Sarah and Natalie from the Missouri Star Quilt company (they are gifed and fun ladies!)... There is also a great forum which is a wonderful place to share your love of quilting, find some friends or ask questions

5 - Pat Sloan's Quilt 

I recently joined the wonderful Pat Sloan's blog and having a blast making new friends there.  Pat could be my sister - always a Cheerleader (and loves coffee too!!!).... She posted a beautiful quilt I've fallen in love with called Cider Row that will help you use scraps up!!  Oh yes, you do need to add this to your list!
Thank you Pat for giving so much of  your talent and cheerfulness to the quilting world  Awesome, go check it out and Join for more fun with other Quilters

Pat Sloan's Cider Row - Yes you do need to make this too!

So Sew What are you doing in November?  

~ Dee


Is life speeding up?

It is nearly the end of October and it feels like life is speeding up toward Christmas!  Maybe that's because I still have several projects to get done.

On my table in the works are a huge Scrap paper piecing project, the Iron Quilter II Challenge, Contest Manager for the Vintage Pattern Sewing on PR - If you like to make Vintage clothing, please come join us November 1 - 30th!

I'm also looking forward to seeing if there is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt along that typically begins in November?  Last year her beautiful Easy Street was my 2nd quilt :-) yes, I'm crazy now you can be sure.  I learned so much and while waiting for clue made quilts4kids, my family and still kept up.

Also part of a 12 month Secret Santa swap with fun "clues" each month such as Jan = Cold, February was Sweet, etc.  a little theme if you will for each month just to get us thinking.  My box is only 1 short Table runner shy, then it will go out to a forum friend.

Phew, I'm tired just thinking of all the sewing and quilting... Now, has October seemed to just fly by for you too?  Are you working harder to get those Christmas gifts in the works or were you quick and already have them all done?

Have a lovely Sunday all,



Clicking my heels 3 times There is no place like Home....

Do you wish it was that easy to twitch your nose (Bewitched), fold your arms and nod (I Dream of Jeanie), or click your heels 3 times and say "There is no place like Home" (The Wizard of Oz), and POOF you are there!  hmm I sure dated myself listing old TV shows some people won't have heard of, but I'm sure everyone knows about Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!  

Well I've finally arrived back home!  It took over 3 hours to unload the 5th wheel because -- there was so much fabric (I didn't say too much but it really was).  Next travel time reminder ... no matter how fast I sew there are still only 24 hours in every day *sheeesh*

After a quick arranging of my sewing room, I set up 2 machines and tried to get back into working mode.  It seems a bit harder this year after all the traveling, and being 1 year older doesn't help!  

It amazes me when you simply sit and drive, how tiring that is!!  It's not like real exercise, it's just paying attention, sitting and steering a car!  How can that take so much out of a person?  No matter how much I want to begin a new project or make something fun--my get up and go went.   

Laundry is almost done and food purchased and in freezer or fridge.  Have about 35 pieces on my design wall cut and sewn, more to do but no mojo today. 

It was nice to take an afternoon and evening to sit and have the cats take turns coming for pets and love.  With 4 cats ages 18 to 8, it's good to get them back home and let them find their old favorite spots again.  

Yes, I do take them all on the road with me.  I've purchased a wire "Guard" gate that goes across the seats to the inside roof that has adjustable legs for various cars/Suv's/Trucks.  Add some pillows and their own temperpedic mattress pad and they are safe not to come up and wander around while I'm driving, comfortable and really cats can get used to traveling!  

I hope once the dust falls off to post on a more normal schedule.  How funny to look at beautiful tile on someones floor and suddenly see a great idea for a new quilt, or when the sun hits a cloud just right, it turns into an animal shape.  

Nothing to do while driving but remember "Stay between the white lines" and think about fabric waiting to be cut and sewn, new things I want to learn this winter.  What are you planning to make for the winter this year?  

The clock is ticking and I've got to come up with something for the Iron Quilter II Challenge.  Not that I've a chance of winning, but I will have -0- votes if I don't enter, so I'll make something and it will be a blast seeing what various quilters do using all the same fabrics.    

When I type "Iron Quilt Challenge" I hear "Rocky" music in the background as he is running up the steps, pushing himself (and me?) to the limit - the roar of perhaps one of the wrestling announcers yelling --- Iron Quilters start your sewing machine, get out your rotary cutter and mat and Begin the Challenge :-) 

I do hope you too are having fun and enjoying life and have a great weekend everyone!

Dee Cee