Ohio in July and the Rain keeps coming!

July had to be one record wet year for northern Ohio!  I think by the time there was a break in the rain, I'd tossed my hands up and said Enough!  

The power was awful at our 1st campground so I didn't risk setting up my computerized sewing machine to quilt.  Yes, a UPS is the thing to have to make sure the power is coming in level and steady and I did look on Amazon but we moved campgrounds which makes me Happier!

Finally I completed "Cowboy Camping".  This quilt pattern is a free one called Warm Wishes.  Mine finished at 81" x 86" and was quilted in my 5th wheel :-)  You know, if you remove ALL the furniture that come with 5th wheels you can get a great sewing, quilting and computer station setup!    We never sit down at the dining room table anyway, so it is all sitting in our garage under the dust covers.

This is for a retired marine and his wife.  I had some extra blocks so made 2 small pillow cases for pillows I purchased.  Using a couple buttonholes and self-made fabric ties, they can remove these pillow cases and wash them if they'd like.

In three of the blocks I used my Alphabet stitches to put their names on the Bed Rolls aka Sleeping Bag - I thought that was a cute touch.

I am glad July is over, but sad the Fund Raising for Holy Cat Whiskers rescue on the Easy Street quilt isn't going better.  With a heavy heart I don't want to extend the date for donations much longer - Please note it is currently set to end August 15th!!  $10 per ticket to win the gorgeous Easy Street Quilt.  Won't you please share, facebook, tweet and get the news out to help raise funds?  Thanks

This is what I call Cowboy Camping - All my Thanks to our Military, current and retired.

Moving next weekend to Minnesota!  Hope the rain doesn't come with.  Happy Sewing

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