Sewing After Midnight

My favorite time to sew - After Midnight

Yesterday more fabric arrived, and I had finished a small quilt to give to my neighbors (the table topper with White thread on the Green Back!) -- Today is the cookie exchange block party so I'm glad it's off my plate aka sewing machine and at my neighbors.  Thank goodness she doesn't sew and thought it was just lovely!   Phew You can read about that hot mess on my blog page titled - Set Those Stitches Free(tm).  That's my crazy sense of humor if you're interested.

-- So about midnight, I laid out the quilt design for my Dad -- bowling fabric!  This will only be about a lap size, and along the way I've found a few cool techniques and patterns to do.  

Here is a couple of links to make the blocks (or columns) Quilted before you join them, how to join them after quilting, and how to make a Reversible quilt -- Very Cool techniques!  Search you-tube and it's amazing what you can find :-)  I want this Crazy Shortcut Quilts book!  

Crazy Shortcut Quilts

Sharon Pederson Presents Reversible Quilts

So here is the basic layout for my Dad's lap sized quilt, using the Charm School Blocks link below.  

By Nancy's Notions - Charm School Blocks EASY!

I have to add more fabric to make this bigger, but I've already sewn the 5 columns x 6 (cut and sewn) in a few hours!

GREAT fabric for someone who loves to bowl!

I am going to try this technique I found online.

Nothing I make takes only 90 minutes, but I hope something in here will help make things a bit easier as Christmas is coming, and I have TOO many things I still want to make and finish.

Tried this method, machine sewn quilt as you go - But my seams were kinda wonky like her's are in the video -- Brilliant plan, but I'm not there yet and ripped them out.

So I'm heading back to the cookie exchange -- I noticed another neighbor is having their 2nd child, and I've made a Girl and Boy topper about lap size.  They are done and waiting for backing and quilting to finish... Now I need the estimated due date :-)  

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Tammy Liddell said...

lol DeeCee I can't get anything cut n sewn together in 90 minutes either.. ;-)

Happy quilting, can't wait to see your "Easy Street" quilt top done..