STTF! Set Those Threads Free(TM)

Every time I read about SID (stitch in the ditch), the acronym looks like some bad disease you wouldn't want to tell your friends about.
Well, many quilters hide their lovely seams by using the SID method, and/or by secret use of Invisible Thread on top, and the use of a matching thread for the fabric's back.    

Never feel the shame of this flawless technique again!  

It is time to STTF(TM)!!   Set Those Threads FREE(TM)

We can begin using this hot, new trend right now. How you ask?  Well this marvelous technique can be taught to almost anyone in mere Seconds!  
Yes, just seconds - How revolutionary is that!

Now you can read and marvel over just a few of these Secret Tips...  
Available on this blog for a Limited Time!

  1. Wind your bobbin (several should be used) full of Bright White for your darkest backing - Set Those Threads Free(TM)!  Black thread would be most stunning against a white quilted fabric backing don't you think?
  2. Use those unloved colors of thread to Highlight your beautiful seam work on the top, or both and STTF(TM)!
  3. If you find you are unable to break yourself of the infectious SID habit, please attempt Tip #3.  Quilt over the center seam (especially if it's inset), several times back and forth to fluff up the batting, while tugging lightly to make it a little Wonky!  Yes, you KNOW Wonky Blocks are the rage, so why not STTF(TM)?  You too can receive a bonus when highlighting your wonky centers, YOUR blocks angles are overlooked -- Seriously, How Cool is that!!

I am willing to show you a few of these great STTF(TM) techniques!  

Ahh a lovely example of Tip #1 -- Always put WHITE thread in your bobbin when using a DARK fabric for the back to your quilt.  Look how lovely the white POPS against the dark color, shows the great stitching and STTF(TM).  Imagine your bobbin filled with black thread, quilting on an exquisite white background.... Your stitches are magnificent, why hide them when you too can "Set Those Threads FREE(TM)"!

Below is an example of this FAST Growing Technique -- An unloved boring cone of thread.  Set against some bright Reds, several shades of Green with other Christmas accents and what a great use of Tip #2.

Above please observe -- Tip #3 was achieved AT THE SAME TIME -- 
Wonky Centers!!  

Now YOU TOO can become part of this Terrific movement -- Set Those Threads Free(TM)!  

Available for a limited time only, use of photo's in this blog are not available for distribution or sale, legal issues by the State of Arizona are used wherein, as set forth by the Quilters for STTF(TM) movement.  Each state's laws may differ, be sure to check with your local Quilting authority to be approved and certified for this technique.  No Animals were harmed in the making or photography of this STTF(TM) technique.

Sandia's story achieved local and national fame, published in an Albuquerque, NM newspaper and Highlighted in Alley Cat Allies.  Dumped and dying as a 10 week old kitten, I scooped her up and took her home to save me!  5 Months of weekly appointments with a caring Vet, she sailed past 1.7 pounds, picked up her fallen ears and wanted to LIVE!  At 5 1/2 years old, she is my hearts delight.  Checkerboard orange and black down her front and stomach, one leg mottled, the other Sand colored with dots, another Tabby stripes with a precious tiny dot of white on the top of her head (My Kissy Spot!).  I thank God for this precious one.  She saved me as much as I saved her.  We need each other.  She has only had 1 on-going issue - she has failure to thrive and if I travel she MUST come with.   One month I had surgery and had to be in a more sterile environment, she  quit eating and began to spiral downward.  Upon a Vet checkup, the only issue they could imagine was, she needs me as much as I need her in my life.

I hate to get all "chatty cathy" about my life -- Maybe this is why I'm not great at Blogs... I don't want to talk about my kids, grandchildren, health issues or other stuff.  I ADORE talking about my sewing, my crafts and my cats - The rest is life.

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