Make a Quilt for the Homeless!

I am so pumped about this idea that was posted on the Missouri Star Quilt shop forum!

"I just had to stop stitching and propose a fun quilting challenge for people of any quilting capabilities. Winter time is coming, and in some states has already hit full force, and of course there are many people who are without homes or even a warm blanket to keep warm with. I know I personally have some hideously ugly fabric that I am totally stumped what to do with it. So, here's my thought process, a challenge for every quilter regardless of their quilting capabilities to raid their quilting stashes and find their least fabric fabrics, or to raid their own clothes closet and get out all of those old ripped jeans or cotton shirts, or tshirts, whatever, and to make a quilt with it. Now, here's the twist, they aren't allowed to keep the quilt, or give it someone who already has one. Whoever accepts this quilting challenge can use old blankets for batting, and a clean sheet or more ugly fabric for the backing, and once the quilt is complete take a picture and post it, then take the crazy quilt and give it to a homeless person. I know there are a ton of them here always begging on the street corner, so delivery would be easy, at a stop light simply roll down the window and instead of cash or whatever, simply hand them the quilt. 
I know that if I were to try to organize a challenge like this on my own it wouldn't reach very far, but you wonderful ladies already have the people following you and it would be able to reach more people that way. I think it would be amazingly fun challenge to do, and it would help those in need. Would you ladies at the Missouri Star Quilt Company please help to spread some warmth this winter? 
Thank you all sooo much for the time you've taken to even read this post. I hope and pray that you ladies would be willing to help motivate and challenge quilters to help a fellow person in need."

EASY delivery system and I'm sure we all have some of "that" color fabric - What were we thinking???  Even a quiit that perhaps you think went Awry and isn't perfect (well heck, none are perfect right?).... 

Please help spread the word - There is NO place to send these, just drive down any road and see the Homeless shivering on the corner and donate!

God Bless our abundance

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