Clicking my heels 3 times There is no place like Home....

Do you wish it was that easy to twitch your nose (Bewitched), fold your arms and nod (I Dream of Jeanie), or click your heels 3 times and say "There is no place like Home" (The Wizard of Oz), and POOF you are there!  hmm I sure dated myself listing old TV shows some people won't have heard of, but I'm sure everyone knows about Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!  

Well I've finally arrived back home!  It took over 3 hours to unload the 5th wheel because -- there was so much fabric (I didn't say too much but it really was).  Next travel time reminder ... no matter how fast I sew there are still only 24 hours in every day *sheeesh*

After a quick arranging of my sewing room, I set up 2 machines and tried to get back into working mode.  It seems a bit harder this year after all the traveling, and being 1 year older doesn't help!  

It amazes me when you simply sit and drive, how tiring that is!!  It's not like real exercise, it's just paying attention, sitting and steering a car!  How can that take so much out of a person?  No matter how much I want to begin a new project or make something fun--my get up and go went.   

Laundry is almost done and food purchased and in freezer or fridge.  Have about 35 pieces on my design wall cut and sewn, more to do but no mojo today. 

It was nice to take an afternoon and evening to sit and have the cats take turns coming for pets and love.  With 4 cats ages 18 to 8, it's good to get them back home and let them find their old favorite spots again.  

Yes, I do take them all on the road with me.  I've purchased a wire "Guard" gate that goes across the seats to the inside roof that has adjustable legs for various cars/Suv's/Trucks.  Add some pillows and their own temperpedic mattress pad and they are safe not to come up and wander around while I'm driving, comfortable and really cats can get used to traveling!  

I hope once the dust falls off to post on a more normal schedule.  How funny to look at beautiful tile on someones floor and suddenly see a great idea for a new quilt, or when the sun hits a cloud just right, it turns into an animal shape.  

Nothing to do while driving but remember "Stay between the white lines" and think about fabric waiting to be cut and sewn, new things I want to learn this winter.  What are you planning to make for the winter this year?  

The clock is ticking and I've got to come up with something for the Iron Quilter II Challenge.  Not that I've a chance of winning, but I will have -0- votes if I don't enter, so I'll make something and it will be a blast seeing what various quilters do using all the same fabrics.    

When I type "Iron Quilt Challenge" I hear "Rocky" music in the background as he is running up the steps, pushing himself (and me?) to the limit - the roar of perhaps one of the wrestling announcers yelling --- Iron Quilters start your sewing machine, get out your rotary cutter and mat and Begin the Challenge :-) 

I do hope you too are having fun and enjoying life and have a great weekend everyone!

Dee Cee


Sharon Hughson said...

I'm in the Iron Quilter also. It's great fun. Pat's sight already promised their votes... but I guess I'll share. LOL

catspec said...

How nice your cats travel with you! :) You sure got some nice stuff on your trip - winter quilting will be fun!