Iron Quilt Challenge was a Big One

You all are the Tops!!  Thank you for helping me WIN a Madera Thread Chest - My quilt shown below placed in the Missouri Star Quilt Shop's "Iron Quilter" Contest.  

I am exhausted and thrilled to have my Iron Quilt challenge done with the photo submitted.

Voting is on Facebook on the Missouri Star Quilt Shop page  They will have an album with the Iron Quilts in them *Like* as many as you want to vote.  The top 25 move on, but no decision on when the next round (or where) will take place. The top 6 win prizes.

Only 1 charm pack of fabric had to be used but you could purchase up to 4 of RJR's "Lovely" fabric and I'm glad I did.  My 1st charm pack was when I noticed these were all not cut at 5".  All that pack was then cut wrong for the design I wanted.  Those will be used in another adventure LOL  
This entire quilt was a struggle.  The charm packs from pack to pack were cut and sorted with various different additions of the duplicates, then within the same charm pack not all were 5" some a bit more, some a bit less.  Argh right?  Not when you are making a quilt, this is important so I trimmed and remeasure and sliver trim again until I could get mine made -- I spent about 4+ weeks making this and hope it is liked on Facebook

I named mine "Lovely Jewels" and it's the 1st one my husband likes??  A high compliment and I hope you like too.

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Ulla's Quilt World said...

So lovely! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla