Mid-November Christmas coming Fast

Someone posted they needed an extra month between November and December!  I could not agree more.  So many projects, so little time.  How are you doing on getting all your Christmas projects done?

The Vintage Pattern Contest at PatternReview.com is full steam ahead with many lovely gowns, bolo jackets and other Vintage patterns being puzzled over and sewn up!  This is a great way to learn how to sew those harder Vintage Patterns.  The end date to submit your entry is November 30th so I hope some come join us :-)

About 4 am I was putting the LAST border on my Iron Quilt and ran out of bobbin thread.  No biggie right?  Well after every 3 or 4 bobbins, I do like to clean my machine out.  I'm cleaning and digging around with my brush and Opppssssssssss Dropped it DOWN into the back behind the Feed Dogs!!!  OhMyGawd - I unscrewed the feed dogs, but still can't reach it.  Nothing to do but put this Pfaff to the side and get her in to have a Simple FIX done by a pro *sigh*

I know we all try to piece on 1 sewing machine only -- But I suspect since I've only about 68" of this last border to go, it will be OK to move my project over to one of my other sewing machines right???
Argh!  Definately time to turn the  lights off and grab some sleep, tonight I'll put a new needle in, rewind bobbins and finish on my Viking 875Q machine.  That is what I'll be using to quilt this anyway, may as well get her humming.  

Have my scraps cut up and ready for Cider Row, and colors for a Penny Patch quilt and Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt that begins November 29th. 

Hope  everyone has a lovely weekend sewing and enjoying putting some YOU time into your life.


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