Easy Street Quilt on CrowdRise Fundraising!

My Beautiful Easy Street Mystery Quilt (designed by the famous quilt author and quilt maker Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville) is now available on... 

CrowdRise for donations.

If you make a donation and wish to be entered into the drawing (Held June 15, 2013) to win this Queen sized quilt - Send an email or post your comments here!

I'm delighted to raise funds for Holy Cat Whiskers in Madison, Ohio, a small Animal Rescue group that will receive 100% of the donations -- Winner will be responsible for shipping to your zip code.

Thank you all for your patience and please SHARE everywhere - Email your family and Friends, Tweet, Facebook, Pinterest, your Blog -- This is too important to keep a Secret!

If you love animals please help spread the news. 


Dee (Debbie HeadWench)

Shown above on a Cal. King Bed so you can see the Beautiful Design, Borders and Paw Print Binding.  This Easy Street Quilt is a very nice over-sized Queen sized Quilt with overhang room.

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