End of April Already?!

So many things in 2013!  My DH is a PhD High Energy Physicist so he has been keeping up with the eye opening news from CERN!  Thrilled they may have (or have) discovered what other people call the "god" particle -- One of the quarks... Corrected to say (as I was told haha) Boson Higgs? hm or Higgs Boson?

I'm the blond and he's the smart one!!  Scientist will understand what this means, and I know you are keeping up on this extraordinary event!  It really is exciting even for "non-scientist".  For me it meant hubby was happy to have given his great mind toward any part of this for many years - and it is a major discovery!

I've kept busy too - maybe not as exciting but enjoyable to me.

Since 2013 began, I've finished the following Quilts:

4 Quilts4Kids

Easy Street is now raising funds for Holy Cat Whiskers Animal Rescue - Please Donate if you can.  Even a   $10 donation = 1 Ticket to win the Easy Street Queen sized quilt.  Most important is that more Feral Cats can be helped, spayed, neutered, and kept out of the freezing temps in Ohio.

My grandson spent his Spring Break learning how to sew a 1/4" seam (and how to sew!).  We made him a twin sized quilt which he did about 1/2 of the piecing on.  *Insert proud grandmother look*

Miriam's quilt - A Miracle happened when I learned of a young lady Easter Sunday.  She surprised her doctors and survived a terrible tragedy.   Recovering enough to leave ICU, I rushed a beautiful Jelly Roll Quilt to the hospital.  I know it will bring her much comfort and joy.  I've heard she is on here way home now, what a Miracle and proof they do exist!

"The Seamstress" is what I'm calling this next quilt I just finished!  Made using a fun tutorial on You-Tube from the Missouri Star Quilt Shop called "1 Layer Cake + 1 Jelly Roll  Quilt".  I used the McCalls fabric and put a fat 3" binding of deep navy blue with sissors to highlight the years of sewing this fabric shows. 

To highlight all the cute Buttons in this fabric, I used a can to draw my first Circle to begin quilting, and then just followed around quilting in circles, around and around and.... but it came out really nice!

For Effect I'll add two Fake Button Holes to the front :-)  This should make anyone who enjoys sewing Happy!

The past few days we have moved furniture around in my sewing/fabric room!  I am so excited about the new arrangement AND I painted the ugly white peg board I bought for the walls, a yummy faux wine leather color -- Photo's for inspiration after I do more clean up!

Hope your 2013 has gone well and you are getting done what makes YOU happy!


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