I disappeared from life the month of March as I've been very ill.  Regaining energy has been top of my list, so I've not posted anywhere in a long time.

I would like to share a special quilt made for M.... in California so she may find comfort and know she's loved and prayed over.  This quilt was a large project for me, stitched about 1/4" apart with love and prayers put into each limited time I had to spend on it.  I'm very fond of how it turned out and look forward to mailing it to the hospital next week.

I don't know where my next project will take me, but my "awake" hours are limited.  Now I'm going to check on Facebook to see if Holy Cat Whiskers Rescue successfully registered with Mission Fish to receive funds when I auction off the beautiful Easy Street Quilt shown on a top tab.

I've uploaded my newest quilts near the bottom section of the Quilts tab.  Thank you for looking.



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