Have you ever had to make up a Quilt Design as you sew?

I began making a 9 patch Parfait quilt - Free Pattern on McCalls.  The perfect size for me to begin with 90 1/2" x 90 1/2".  The too many pink and black colors weren't to my taste so I substituted them for Tans and chocolate, blues and greens.  I've been wanting to make this pattern since I learned how to quilt in Nov 2012~

I put all the 9 patch blocks together using a Batik jelly roll and loved how they looked... EXCEPT they were suppose to come be 6 1/2"!  When I pressed the fold out of the jelly roll strips there were smile lines so unfortunately only a few blocks were near the 6 1/2"!!!  Joann's batik jelly roll was not on grain, nor were they the full 2 1/2" *sigh*...  I had already cut the large blocks, so either I cut everything down to 6" and kept on with the same pattern, or needed to change the entire quilt!

Well I had already cut 150 6 1/2" squares and was not feeling the love to recut them again - So the 9 patches were set to the side to be cut down later and added into various Quilts4Kids.

I thought about all the quilts I've learned to make and decided to add some white and black sashing around my blocks and see how big that was - Aiming for a California King Bed (but in the meantime it will grace our 5th wheel King Bed).

As I sashed the gorgeous Green blocks I realized they reminded me of the Monet Painting, Givinnecy's Garden (forgive my spelling!).  We have a very large print of this framed hanging over our bed at home, this will be the perfect center piece for this quilt!

Making this up as I sew I have no idea what it will look like when I'm done, which is making this a much longer project than it could have been!!!

How many of you begin working on a quilt pattern only to have to turn your quilt into something else??

Photo's after I add the next several rows so I can see how it is looking.  Thanks for reading

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