Lazy Dayz - What helps you get moving?

Well the temps are up in Minnesota (where we are camping), along with the humidity so it feels like the Lazy Dayz of summer!  Our cat Lucky doing his best imitation of a penguin?

So what helps you get moving?  

The latest project is a boring quilt (boring because hubby picked the design)!  Had I known I would be doing tons of sashes I would have sewn this different as it's taken me 2 LONG weeks to get the top section done *ugh* I can normally make 1 quilt a WEEK, except this was being designed as I went along... Well the good news is that hubby really likes this and now I will add a small border, then a larger one and it will be ready to layout and sandwich.  Yahooo Then it's quilting time in our 5th wheel!

This is on our King Bed in the 5th wheel, but will be made to fit our California King at home.  A View from the Top

And a view from the side of the bed

This quilt should have been so Easy to do if I knew what it was going to become when I began.  I'm thrilled it's down to adding the borders.

To help get a Kick start I need to do a quick project or two!  That always seems to help me get out of the Lazy mode.

I have a cute toy Charm pack and wanted to stretch it to make 2 Quilts4Kids so separated out the boy and girl colors.  Sewn to make giant 9 patches and cut into a disappearing 9 patch. Now all I have to do is add lively, colorful borders and these both will make nice toddler quilts.  I typically will do 2 things at once, so both should be ready to be sandwiched with Photo's ready tomorrow.  

How do you get yourself moving when the Lazy mood strikes?

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