192 Blocks

Well I think I am a bit slower than most folks, but I'm enjoying this!  

Last night I had fun chaining my twosies.  I've got a cone set up behind the machine and look at this lovely pile!!  Now if they made cone sized Bobbins!!  

Not much on the stacks left to do... then it's iron, spin and I'm ready.  

Next is the QuiltForKids -- It is in the mail, so between times with the Mystery Quilt I'll work on that.

Want to join in the fun?  Come over to Easy Street Linky and see what everyone is doing!  

Ahh time for another one of my Cats to make an appearance.  Meet our Bonnie Boo.  

We adopted her after her mother passed when Bonnie was "suppose" to be about 10 years old.  That means she is about 17 now and a Norweign Forest -- 3 coats of fur (growing out since I clipped her this summer).  She has 6 cute toes on all her feet!  Bonnie Boo is a doll that loves to sit next to us and is great at snuggled in bed next to the husband (my side is usually taken up with one of the other 4 cats).  She adores one of the many pillows I learned to make last winter -- This winter it's Quilting Time!


Anonymous said...

Bobbin cones! Brilliant idea. Looking forward to step 2 of the mystery.

Deb Lindley said...

Not slow at all - you're doin' great! Looks like you have a lot of little furry quilter's helpers so you shouldn't have any trouble with the following steps ;-) I'm also mailing in a Hurricane Sandy quilt for kids tomorrow via a Bonnie Hunter link. We quilters stay busy, especially during the holidays, don't we?

Happy Stitchin'

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I love seeing what everyone has pulled out for the background and their choice for constant! Thank you for sharing yours, Sharyn

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Bring on the bobbin cones!! Patent that and we would love you forever. Quilt on!