Quilt for Kids and Wednesday

Two things I want to note

  1. Quilt for Kids -- Really are Desperate in need of Quilts Teenage Boy Quilts!  PLEASE click on the link to Volunteer OR a few dollars donation makes a HUGE difference!  
  2. Easy Street -- Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt.  HERE is the "Linkey" Link ----->  Over there I've also got the EASY STREET Button if you want to join in. Hopefully we all have our 192 blocks done we await until Friday when the next "Clue" appears!  What will we sew next?  What block will we cut?  Which of the gorgeous fabrics will we dive into?  Hope you are following along on this journey!

Last night I took the extra strip I'd sewn off the Christmas fabric Fence Rail Block!  Who knew you only put 3 stripes together -- Well EVERYONE including me!  But after making a detour to the kitchen for coffee, giving whisker kisses to two of my "babies", I went into the sewing room and sorted the small jelly strips out, light, medium, dark and darker and sewed!  Just as I had the last set on my table I thought... hmm these sure are coming out a bit bigger than I thought.  Came out, more coffee, kisses and brushing 2 cats and looked at the pattern *light bulb over the head*  

Have you ever SET the seams so nice?  Opened them up and ironed down SOOO pretty... then had to rip  one out??  Now I see why we set the seams, but booooo hooooo!  Well that done, I took a real break last night.  Actually had dinner!  Wow me and food.  Of course eating a normal sized meal just about put me to sleep right way, so after I took my night meds it was all I could do to hit the sheets early at Midnight!!

Received my notice from Quilt for Kids that my Quilt set is on it's way -- So thought this would be a good time to get the news OUT -- Help is needed and there are alot of people I know in Cyber space that know two things -- How to Sew, and/or How to Quilt!!!  

The patterns they have on their site are EASY Blocks!  You can do this -- Or if you don't sew -- Seriously, even $25.00 helps!

Ok, time to cut or ponder the fence rail blocks and get this project ready to quilt before Friday, Friday comes.

Happy Sewing, Quilting or just enjoying life

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