Sunday, Nov 25, 2012

Find Yourself on Easy Street - Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter

When I lept into Cyber Space as a new quilter, I found Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt getting ready to kick off on Quiltville's Quips and Snips -- My first thought was I could use up some of the gazillion yards of stash I have.  If I understood more, maybe I'd have the confidence to change the color scheme to this perhaps?

These appeal to me because I adore animals (cats especially).  But not for this quilt.

This Quilt when completed, will be Sold to raise funds for Holy Cat Whiskers Rescue group 

So I'm off to the fabric store to get some suggested colors and then  supplement those with solid colored stash.  Maybe the next one I'll do in all Cat/Dog fabrics.

I was lucky to find some lovely fabric at Joann's -- I mean I was very lucky! This store is moving so they haven't been restocking.  I won't go back until after they open down the street in Feb!  Can you believe it?  Not restocking a Fabric store from Nov to Feb?  During the Holiday season??? whoa  Well, there is a Hancock Fabrics about 6 blocks further, so they'll get my business now.

Anyway I'm very excited to be working on this project!

As of today with some great fabrics:
  • I have my grey cut into 2" strips (WOF) Width of Fabric 
  • I have cut 3 various white with Black prints the same 
  • I'm delighted that someone posted to cut 19 of these strips for Clue 1 
  • M A T H is a 4-letter word and not my strongest point! 
  • I have them sewn together and seams ironed back
  • I have them piled together with seams nested cut into 2" squares
  • Tonight I am working on this lovely stack next to my sewing machine

Wait -- One of my cats wants to show you something!

Hi Everyone, it's Sandia my sewing buddy *snore*  Well maybe she'll make another appearance soon.

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