A Fence Rail Quilt with Christmas Fabric?

I have some Christmas fabrics and am wondering, can a Fence Rail Quilt be made using Christmas Fabrics?  

Let me ask one of my resident experts here in the house --- Meet KayCee

KayCee and her sister (Dora RIP Jan 11, 2012) came to us when their human passed away almost 5 years ago.  I "fostered" them... but, but they were turning 10 years old and honey, you know no-one wanted to adopt them.  How sad is that!!!  Yes, I am a failed foster mom.   

I haven't figured out how to get a good photo because of those beautiful deep blue Himalayan / Siamese eyes.  But, I see she doesn't want to be disturbed from her favorite basket for another quilt question... 

Well, let me see what colors I can arrange and how it will look - Maybe I'll get a photo up before the husband comes to read here ;-)  Make his morning LOL

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