Thursday Fun aka I'm using the Rotary Cutter!

I love to sew after midnight.  The house is quiet, it's dark and you know there isn't anyone coming "a callin".  The cats are snoozing and the next thing I know the sun is up and I'm still at it!

After my blocks were done for Easy Street, I keep moving on Christmas things.  I've read the Fence Rail block was good though I've done others I thought were harder, what the heck.  

This is suppose to be a Fence Rail block but I used a Christmas Jelly Roll so I'm not sure of the look.  Well I pieced them together with Diamonds, and hunted for sashing fabric.  I put them up against Red - Whoa way too much!  

This bolt is a lot brighter than the photo shows.  White on White was ok, but just ok.  There was some soft blue in this, but to me it's not good with Christmas prints.  I jumped all over the Deep Hunter Green!  

These came out good, so I watched a You-Tube (uh oh).  

Quilt as you go (or something like that, Fun and Done?)  Well it sounded good to me for a smaller project, and it started out pretty well.  

Cut the backing larger than the block, add the batting, then the top -- and Quilt.  Hard to mess the back up when you don't have to lug around a big wad with hand sewing, pins inserted or squishing to get near center. 

OhMyGawd I just remembered I bought BASTING SPRAY!!!  2 cans Ho Lee Chit!  oh man oh man... well it's 10:30 AM, I'm doing this blog and going to bed. 

So here is where I began about 1:30.   

After you quilt, make sure to move the backing fabric away and trim the batting -- Ok.  

Iron the Hunter Green and cut 14" blocks.  Layer them and pin.  Easy enough so far right?  I'll go quilt a few blocks and see how this goes.  

There's my rotary cutter -- It's a Fiskers but the stripes tickle me and it suits me.  Cut excess batting off -- So far not bad.  Think I'll quilt a couple more blocks while I still have plenty of bobbin thread ready.

After you cut the excess batting off, lay them right fabric sides, back to back and sew together.  When I came back out to re-watch the You-Tube I couldn't get it to run again!  Ok, tried restarting the browser, nope.  Alright, reboot the computer -- NO!  hmm just try to remember (heaven help me).
I know you're suppose to wind up with 2 back pieces sticking up between them, so that you can turn that fabric and make it look like sashing.

Here are two from the sewing machine.  Ok now I see I did NOT move the backing far enough away on 1 of them.  

Plan B - Cut that side off with the hole, and use the excess from the other to turn and make "sashing".   ***Do NOT Attempt at 4 am***

ARGH, now the lines don't match.

*Sigh* The sun is up and so is my husband -- Will grind and make him a fresh pot of coffee, give the cats their 1/2 and 1/2 and grab a nap.  Where DID the night go??

oh say hi to Lucky -- This is his favorite position before he rolls over and lays upside down like a Penguin!  Buddy Belly Boy

Hope the computer acts right when I get up!!


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