Sneak Peak at Easy Street Mystery Quilt Sewn

Tuesday -- I'm done sewing the Easy Street Mystery Quilt Top together.  

Right now, this measures 64" square without the 2 borders (shown below).  

The title I'm playing with is "Singing for our Supper - Cats and Dogs"

Choices for 2 borders are:

Purples - The Solid was used and the 3 one over with small purple apples, but not the 2nd with the Hearts and other design.  That one may be a bit "too" much with everything else going on.

Turquoise or one with a Dog Bone print... While I'd like to use the Dog Bones print, it's a bit "busy" and OFF a shade or two away from the other Aquas and Turquoise I used.  The Batik looking Turquoise was used in some of the units in the quilt.  

Close up of the colors

I like these two -- The batik looking Turquoise and the Solid Purple.  But which will pop off the green outer border better?  I think the Solid Purple won't bounce off the Dark green as well as the Turquoise so I'll use that for the larger outer border and put the lighter Turquoise in a small inside border.  Maybe use the dog bone print for the binding?  

Final Decision time!  Cut, sandwich, get this quilted, bind and Up for Auction she goes.


linda smith said...

Your Easy Street looks beautiful! I'm still working on mine...I can't wait till this weekend i'll have most to it to put mine together...yeaaa...

Dee Cee said...

That will feel Great Linda!! Can't wait to see, it sure is a lot of pieces, but then just comes out looking Fab!