The weather's great outside, but not inside

We've had some great weather here the past couple of days, 73 degrees and just lovely!  Except we are inside with the flu *cough* *mmmmm* Did you know saying mmmmmmmm just feels good when you are aching all over?  Try it!  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, blink, breathe but not too deep to set off another round of coughing.

I thought this was one long cold, then the husband got it.  Can you keep passing this back and forth?  Can our cats get this?  (a) I hope not and (b) I'm almost positive, animals don't catch this from us.

Well ya know how I "think" it happened -- I'm one that won't use a pen sitting on someone's desk, at the store etc.  No way I'm not touching those germ laden items, I carry my own!  But, sometimes you have to when your signing those credit card things with the stupid non-pen Pens. I also carry around little bottles of germ stuff, you know the non-soap Soap?

I see a trend here -- Pens that are non-pens, and soap that is non-soap -- What else is not something, that is?  What a word play.  Another day when my head isn't feeling full and in the clouds.

See how in the clouds my brain is -- Geeze, so anyway I went to my monthly Doctors appointment and the NP was sick so she sat on the other side of the room.  I tried not to breathe the whole time in there, but that didn't work out so well :-)

Then I scoot to my next appointment, and that doctor is out sick *sigh*... So I work out my testing with someone else, and must go back the next day to see the doctor..  Here she is fresh from home after being out Sick -- Let me say - you can't talk to a doctor for over an hour without Breathing!!  I'm just saying, I can swim the length of a pool totally underwater but at some point, quickly I might add, talking and breathing just happen.

Well then I've got prescriptions to fill.  Where?  A Pharmacy where there are (of course) Sick people waiting for their prescriptions.  What are they using?  Yes!  Signing with the non-pen Pen and probably not using the non-soap, soap!  Two days later I was knocked flat.  Well it's been a week, and I think this bug just keeps traveling up and down  -- Coughing, give that a few days oh then joy, with or without body aches, then hey - let's heard up to insult your entire face, ears, nose... ohh then it's time to travel back down for another trip into the airways for more coughing fun!

Ok this isn't a great blog post, but the Good news is?  You are over --------------------> there where you can't  possibly catch this, because I am <----------------------here p="p">
The only saving grace about this was that I've had time to be on the internet and catch up playing Canasta, have my new sewing machines walking foot and special Stitch in the Ditch ordered and on it's way, been enjoying reading other blogs I don't get to often (cuz I'm Sewing! :-)

With the amazing weather, I was able to piece the back and sandwich my Easy Street Mystery Quilt on the driveway -- Always so thankful that most folks in my neighborhood LEAVE for work and don't see me tossing sheets on the driveway and kneeling and crawling around trying to flatten and get a backing on a large quilt -- Oh Joy to see them walking around on a weekend wondering what the hell that Crazy lady is up to now (and why I pushed myself too hard on Thursday, but got it done).

It's been sort of nice to spend days getting lost reading some of the most interesting blogs I've recently discovered!  Did you know about the Science, Fashion and other places you can find here in Blogland?  Amazing and worth taking time just to wander about.

LONG story short is that I'm expecting my walking foot to come in Monday and pray that I'm feeling good enough to begin to VERY long journey quilting my beautiful Easy Street Mystery Quilt!

Hope you are having a much better day!


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