Test Driving New Sewing Machines

OMG I was strolling through eBay and saw a used Viking 870 quilt machine.  It says it sews perfect and was just serviced.  Ok, so I put a bid in and 10 minutes later.... I GOT it!  It's schedule to arrive next week and I'll have it set up and take several days to give it a going over and have a sew-a-thon!  I'm praying it works like advertised so this will have a big enough harp to quilt larger Charity ones.  Can I say Yahooooooooooooo!!


Well Easy Street took a Back Street Today :-)

I didn't work on finishing Block A because I'm got side tracked.  I need a new sewing machine.  I've done research on the internet, Consumer reports, other happy (or not so happy) buyer reviews, Amazon, eBay, and *drooled* at some very expensive and (for me) over the top machines.  After I made myself get back down into MY world --- I took time today to go test drive 4 at our the local Sew and Vac.  

My "newest" mechanical sewing machine is an 8 year old Pfaff.  Then there is my back up machine - a very old heavy metal Viking Selectra, and 2 Elna's from eons ago.  These only sew straight but I lucked out finding some Vintage Cams!  My goal for 2013 is to set up 1 working Elna and let her come back out and play with some fun designs.  But, in the mean time I have to get a new machine.

So, if your interested here are the one's I tested Button holes on, sewed seams and generally got the "feel" for.  All these are computerized which is like going from hmm driving a Volkswagen to a Lincoln??

Brother NX650Q - Click on the link if you want to see how "space age" it looks (pretty cool)  VERY nice button holes, had tons I don't need, and a bunch I never knew I need!  

Husqvarna Viking Opal - Very nice greenish/turquoise *pretty pebbles* on front yet not a large harp for shoving quilts under, but it sang and danced in all other regards

Pfaff 150th Tribute - Anniverary Edition - I believe there was a threading issue or something as the woman in the sewing center made the test buttonhole and it was a homey looking buttonhole... so I put that on a side list - It's above my price range anyway.  

MY NEW LOVES listed Below -- Viking please put a few of these on SALE!!!  Either one I would grab in a hot flash -- But they are $400 over what I want to spend *cry*.. We have a huge quilt show coming soon, so there is a ray of hope that a reduction in price will happen then.  *Pray, Sing, Dance, do the Hokie Pokie* to help make it happen!

Husqvarna Viking 140C -- This is their 140th year Edition and it is RED! omg CUTE and the BEST buttonhole ... I'm in love!

And only a teeny smidgen behind the Red one is ...  

Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875Q -- Still above the price but less than either of the Anniversary Editions.  This has the nice 10" harp space for larger quilts and so much more.

The Brother and the Viking Opal are nice computerized machines but don't have the larger Harp.  *Argh* I don't like making decisions, even after being well informed.  

How can I possibly chose?  I want to spend my time sewing without the shopping, and most of all -- trying to decided on one.  Maybe they can just drop it at my Door step and let me get BACK to sewing LMAO!!!

Ok off I go to sew 


Barb in Mi said...

Congrats to your new sewing machine! Sounds like you got a great deal!

Linda said...

How nice to have a new machine. Happy sewing!

Dee Cee said...

Thank you - it arrived tonight and set up on dining room table for play time tomorrow -- My sewing room is still full finishing the Easy Street Mystery quilt haha