Wed Night Thursday Morning

Set up my "new 2 me" sewing machine and finally made time to give it a good work out.  Instead of fooling around with scraps, I worked on my Book Case Quilt and am trying to finish all the between column sashes.  Machine threaded easy, bobbin winding via needle pretty cool, really love the scissors cutting my threads for me and the big foot pedal is ohh la la!

I set the machine for needle down and pivot, so it helped give me a 3rd hand during piecing.  So far the machines sewing great, so she was allowed to move into my sewing room - ugh fabric spewed all over.  That's for another day or a few nights of work.

One sash left, then both the Easy Street Mystery Quilt and Book Case quilt are ready for borders, backing and Quilting -- This Viking Sapphire has the lovely 10" harp, so I'm excited that the Easy Street Quilt will be her first challenge.  

Doctors later today so it's off to bed this cold morning... brrr need my little heaters around me.

Enjoy your beautiful Thursday.

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