Saturday Already!

Wow it seems like the New Year just began and it's Saturday, January 5th already!  Is it just me or is 2013 flying past??

If you haven't browsed through my blog, you've missed photo's of my cats because I sneak them in between posts here and there!  Well this post is about 2 that were rescued as dumped kittens.

So Who Loves Ya Baby??

Both rescued as dumped kittens in various states.  The adorable tortie orange/black and every other color is named Sandia (yes, rescued dying at 10 weeks old from Albuquerque, NM), and named for the Sandia Mountains.  She is more often called Sandy Baby or Mama's baby.  Her older black and white buddy I caught as a feral in a campground when he was about 3 months old, and he loves his Sandy Baby!  

Sandia came to national attention when I wrote her story for multiple animal rescue groups.  She weighed 1.7 pounds and struggled to live during the first 5 months of her life.  I won't post those photo's but believe me when I say it was an incredible struggle for both of us.  Her eyes told me she wanted to live, so every Monday we had standing Vet appointments.  Ear mites were only the 1st problem we tackled.  She lost control to hold her tiny ears up (then I found a wonderful Home Remedy).  She had intestinal worms and IBS, then mange where she lost almost all her kitten fur.  Yet we both struggled on.  Mentally I had to Save her, and she saved me!  She is now a Beautiful 6 year old and the only health problem is she has is Failure to Thrive.  If I am not around her for more than a few days, she gives up eating :-(  We have not been apart since I learned this 3 years ago.  

Little Lucky Streak was often seen "streaking" about a campground near Houston, Texas.  Lucky the folks camping there named him, as the rest of the litter was drowned!  His Streaking around so fast, no-one could catch him gave him the rest of his name.  Back then, he WAS "Little" too.  Patience, food and fresh water out with me sitting nearby finally won him over.  When it began to get cold, one night he jumped into my lap.  Snuggled under my sweater purring away, I promised him he could come into our 5th wheel and be loved.  That was 9 years ago and MANY pounds later -- at almost 25 lbs he decided he loves people and all the other rescues and adoptions we've had since.  Well except KayCee, but that is another story ;-)

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